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c is for cat

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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Nominees for the Nebula and Hugo Awards announced!
c is for cat

Nebula nominations are in, and CMV is very pleased to announce that Six-Gun Snow White has been nominated for Best Novella! The 49th annual Nebula Awards will be awarded in San Jose, CA, on the weekend of May 16th, 2014. While only members are eligible to attend the Nebula Awards themselves, there will be an autograph session open to the public – see the full list of nominees at the SFWA’s website, and find more information about the Nebula Awards Weekend.

The Hugo Awards nominations are also in! They were announced via live feed from Glasgow on April 19, and CMV is quite excited to share that Six-Gun Snow White is up for a Hugo in the Best Novella category. Read up on all the nominees here, and then purchase a membership to Loncon 3 if you’d like to vote. (Remember, you can vote for the Hugos even if you can’t attend the con itself via a supporting membership.) Find everything you need on the Hugo Awards ceremony, including livestream news and how to vote, at the Loncon 3 Hugo Awards website!

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Happy birthday! Lots of love from Transylvania! :)

(Sorry, couldn't think of another place to post this, please delete if it's in the very wrong place.)

Edited at 2014-05-05 05:50 am (UTC)

Congratulations on your TWO Locus awards!!!

Really sorry to use your blog like this, but my attempts to contact you by email keep getting returned as undeliverable. I suspect you've blanket-blocked everything from Gmail accounts.
In short: I bought an ebook from your website a full month ago (as in, the money went out through Paypal), but have heard nothing more. I would like to read more of your work while supporting you as a writer, I really would; please help me to live that dream.
Cheers, JT

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