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Xmas in the Briary

It is Christmas time and thus much is quiet for me online.

This year especially so, because we are having our biggest Xmas ever–meaning, more than just the two of us and Hogfather and pork pies. triskelmoon and her husband and son are here, soon to be joined by sarapada, and then justbeast’s parents are coming for New Year (hopefully we’ll have Russian TV set up by then). It is a full house! Plus we did solstice this week with added pixelcandy and clan, plus LJ-less Winter and Fire. I have done my best to spoil my friends and have cooked, pickled, preserved, and infused like crazy.

And the weekend before? We hosted Ludum Dare (code a game in 48 hours for fun and profit) and I wrote, er, three short stories and two proposals in the weekend so as to express solidarity with the Argentinian Proletariat programmers in my life.

So you see why it’s been hard to blog. Also I am desperately trying to finish my last knitting present in time for the day. I will return with renewed vigor post-holiday and in the meantime will be on the Twitters.

I hope you are all well, and cozy this winter.

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Merry Christmas, dear, from the opposite coast. Missing you!

I am playing the shit out of SKyrim and avoiding working on anything as I have been busting my ass all year. I would drink if I wasn't being taken out for something special later tonight by the wife. Apparently I have to dress nice and act nice. Humph.

Have a great Christmas!!!

Sending love and best wishes to you, and thanks for your stories, which have warmed and comforted me on many a night.

I'm down in Florida. My sister finished Palimpsest today and my father is reading Deathless.

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and Blessed Solstice to you and Dmitri and all your clan.

Happy Yule, et al, Cat. I was delighted to hear you mentioned yesterday in NPR's list of the Year's Best SF/Fantasy -- congratulations!

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