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Magick Monday
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Terri Windling is in need. Besides being a groundbreaking editor, artist, and author, she's kind of a fairy godmother to the whole fantasy field, and a human being that fairly glows with inner light. We're trying to help her get on her feet after medical and legal issues.

That means auction!

So, go over to the magick4terri community and see the spectacular array of stuff on offer there. I have a couple of things available--

1. You can name a character in the next Fairyland book! Not necessarily a Tuckerization, though it can be if you want it to be. Name the character anything you like. I promise it will be a character with lines and some importance, not just a walk-on. I VERY RARELY do this, in fact, I've only done it once before, for SJ Tucker's auction. That resulted in Ivan Nikolaevich form Deathless, because sometimes symmetry is a beautiful thing (the buyer asked me to use his name, which is actually two names, but to alter it in some way. You can ask for a similarly specific naming.)

2. A printed handbound manuscript of The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There. The ARCs won't be out til March, so this is your chance to read before anyone else ever, essentially. Anyone who doesn't work at Macmillan and/or isn't married to me.

Bid on these things! Bid on other things! Help make magic happen for our magical lady.

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Argh! I met Terri waaaaaay back in Yellow Springs, Ohio, when going to Antioch College mid '80's.... she and her sweetie at the time, Mark, gave me refuge, loaded me with Good Books, and made a lasting impression that has never faded. I can't remember some of the folks I went to class with everyday, but never forgot her. Is there anyway to also send her a personal note of some sort, if it would not be intrusive?
Thanks for this...

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