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c is for cat


Fairyland has made it to the final round of voting in the GoodReads Reader’s Choice Award! I’ve never even been nominated before, let alone made it to the final round. And Deathless made it to the semi-final!

Please, if you have a moment, head over and vote for Fairyland in the Middle Grade section of the poll. It just takes a minute–and there’s tons of other awesome books to vote for in a bunch of categories, too.

Real blogging soon, I promise! Like, today even!


Vote now for your favorite books!

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Heartily deserved! It remains the BEST thing I have read all year.

My partner's nine year-old and I just finished listening to Fairyland on our commutes to and from school. We loved it--I had to restrain myself from listening ahead when she wasn't there, and she would say "Book!" as soon as she got into the car every time. Your reading was gorgeous, too!

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