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Silently on Clarkesworld
tech failure

Clarkesworld Magazine celebrated their 5th anniversary over the weekend, and I am honored to be in the anniversary issue–as their first serial and first novella! Both at the same time. CW has published amazing stuff over the years, and in many ways set the bar for online short fiction. I’m proud to have been a part of every one of those years. No other publication has “printed” my stories as regularly–an interesting bit of trivia.

The first part of Silently and Very Fast is available on CW, and with parts two and three to follow in subsequent months. If you just can’t wait, snap up a print copy while you can. It’s limited to 500 copies, and we broke the site with the first day’s orders, so gather ye roses while ye may and all that. (Eee! I broke a website!)

I’m excited to be doing a serial again, excited to have a science fiction novella out, (though I’ve set the countdown for someone telling me it’s not science fiction), excited to have this story, which has been brewing in my head for some years, bouncing around in the world. Please go read! And if you want to discuss it, comment here or on the site.

I am kind of deathly nervous! This is new material for me, the AI landscape, and I hope I have done ok.


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Cat, I was *really* excited to hear the premise of SaVF. My first thought was, "Wow, I bet Cat can make a multigenerational AI story interesting in a way that Ted Chiang couldn't!" (I was *really* underwhelmed by Lifecycle of SW Objects.) I ordered my copy on Friday (?) morning and can't wait to get it. Squee!

I just want you to know, I /love/ Silently and Very Fast. I'm biased, sure, but still, that is a great story. :)

ToC Buddies!

I too am nervous. My first and only-to-date dudes in space story is up there with you.

I cannot wait to read yours, by the way.

I read instead of lunch. Forgot to eat.
It is beautiful.

I really liked your story and I tweeted so over the weekend.

Read the first part of Silently and am already in love. I need to reread and mull over some of the nuances in the story but oh it's already winding its way into my heart. The beauty and delicacy of your creations always astounds me.

I am anxiously awaiting my printed copy!

Likewise! I have number 44, which pleases me.

I really enjoyed The Imitation Game. I am a huge fan of the way you put words together, The way you made "hearth" a more complex metaphor was exquisite.

The premise of teaching an A.I. through "figurative communication" rather than "literal communication" is very clever.

In my opinion it is absolutely Science Fiction

I look forward to my copy of Silently and Very Fast arriving so I can read what is next.

Yay! I'm so glad. I am particularly proud of the hearth line.

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