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c is for cat

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Win Jewels and Books!
c is for cat
My friend theferrett , avid Clarionnite, is raising money for that worthy workshop, and asked me to donate something for the raffle.

Thus I have done. Donate at least $5 to his efforts and I'll make you a piece of jewelry based on any book or story of mine you choose, plus a signed copy of the work in question. Any single thing, all the way back to my first books.

The necklace in question will likely include glass elements once I unpack my glassmaking supplies, and you can see examples of gifts I made for zoethe  over on the main post. Since I give away all the jewelry I make, I have precious few photos!

Go forth and support the next generation of science fiction and fantasy writers!

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That's an amazing prize for the winner, and the pieces you made for Gini are gorgeous.

Donated to this worthy cause. :)

Entered! It would be amazing to win that.

I am even more happy to have donated now! The Tree Of Life necklace you made me once was a major character piece at one of my LARPs. :)

Please, please, please donate, folks. We're on our second-to-last day here at Clarion UCSD and it has been a fucking amazing experience. Every dollar really does count.

Chance is a beautiful motivator!

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