Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

New Fiction, New Interview

Things from me today!

Brand. New. Short Story!

The Wolves of Brooklyn is up at Fantasy Magazine (along with an author spotlight). I wrote this back during the blizzardy winter, and it comes to you in broiling summer. Such is publishing. I hope you like it--I'll open up the comments here for discussion, but feel free to leave thoughts there as well. The tale is dedicated to regyt , whose idle post inspired it.

This is an interview I forgot to link to: Over at Unshelved, I have breakfast with the boys. I admit this interview makes me sound a bit mad and manic--I did not know they were recording til it was like 75% over, and suddenly what I thought was our breakfast conversation was like this official thing! But if you want to get an idea of how I really talk outside of formal situations, well, it's pretty good.

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