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c is for cat

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Letters from Proxima Thule

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New York Times Bestseller List and a New First Name
I don't even know how to write this entry.

I never thought this would happen. I remember telling Carrie Vaughn a couple of years ago that this was not something that could possibly happen to me, considering what I write. The story this tells is an amazing one, and I can't believe I'm living in it.


The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
debuted at number 8 on the New York Times Bestseller List.


That icon was me all day, except with more crying and calling my parents and justbeast  and seanan_mcguire . I keep trying on the idea in my head and laughing because it's so unlikely and so awesome and OMGTOPTENWHAT.

I still have no coherentness. I am a third grade girl who just got the best pony ever for her birthday. That's how loud I screamed when I got the call. In the middle of a restaurant.

I am just so grateful. To all my citizens of Fairyland who had faith in me and this book. I keep dorkily thinking of the line from Babylon 5: Faith Manages. Oh, how it does. Thank you, all of you, thank you so much.

I wish I could hug everyone. I will do some straight-up hugpunking gleebouncing at Powell's tonight. Until then, I'm sorry I haven't been posting--I've barely had a moment to breathe on the road. Prize winners will be drawn tomorrow.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the world is made of magic and we land in the right timeline.

Fine print: the deal is that in order to stay on the list it has to sell as many copies this week--so if you were thinking of buying one, now would be an awesome time.

Congratulations! You and this incredible both book certainly deserve it. I feel so privileged that I'll be at Powell's tonight. ^_^

Congratulations! Hm, I think I should go pick one of those up...

HUGE congrats. Well-deserved, of course, and may you continue to have such awesome success.

Cat! That's fantastic!!! Amazing!!! and Well Deserved!!!

I am so happy for you.

Erin Underwood :-)

I am over the moon happy for you!!!!!!!!!!


*runs victory lap for you*


Congratulations, Cat!!! *beam*

OHWOW!!!! Yay!!!! :D

Just to check... Will it count if bought by someone outside the US? Does it have to be bought from Amazon.com or is .co.uk ok?

*bounces* x

Congrats, dude! I'm waiting for the copy my mom picked up!

Huge congrats. It is very very cool.

That is BEYOND awesome!

(Deleted comment)
EEEEEE! That's overwhelmingly wonderful.

Now I'm glad I was dilatory and didn't order it as soon as I possibly could, because I just did order it. I hope you get another week, or several.


I am a big dork and I am crying the happy tears for you!


Awesome. I'd figure it'd happen with one of your books. Hell, you managed to make out well on Palimpsest after it'd been orphaned.

But mostly, I am just happy because you're one of the writers that I think that it should happen to.

Savor every moment of it! You earned it!