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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Fairyland Weekend Draws to a Close
Green Wind
Today is your last day to download the original Fairyland for free. Downloads close at 8pm. Thank you to everyone who felt the glee of this and had fun with the mini-game.

It's also worth noting that today Amazon announced Fairyland as their Best YA Book for May. This is extraordinary, to say the least. Cory Doctorow's extremely extraordinary review is on the Amazon page.

My little book is getting quite a christening. I am proud and nervous and it's only a few days before I leave on my tour. I am on editor's orders to rest...which means only a little work. ;)

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I'm so glad this is unfolding for you. How marvelous.

I've been enjoying reading some of the document version this afternoon, and I have the Kindle version pre-ordered. Thank you for sharing this with us!

I just downloaded it a couple of days ago, and I am enjoying it immensely. It is very charming and very kind.

That was soooooo utterly brilliant, and I am not sorry I'll need to stay up late to make up for having spent time reading it.

I've told all my friends, and I'll be at my local bookshop first thing in the a.m. to buy a paper copy on the 11th. I'll review it, too, when I'm not under a ghastly, ghastly deadline.

Thank you for making it available!

Thank you for the download. The illustrations look too good to pass up, and I will absolutely be buying a hard copy, but it's lovely not to have to wait to read it.

Wow. It's not even "out" (for definitions of "out" involving an actual bound book), and it's already a Best Book. Yay!

Haaaaaappppyyyyy BBBiiiiirthday!!!

Happy happy happy happy Birthday. Hope your book tour isn't too draining.

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