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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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Free Fairyland Download Weekend Is Go
Green Wind
Fairyland is now available for free download until the evening of Monday, May 2nd.

Follow the signpost.

There's a little game to get the download--I hope you like it. This is the original text, without illustrations. Please do not pirate it or upload it where it shouldn't be, which is more or less anywhere. Do feel free to tell anyone you like about the window.

Thank you all, everyone who came this far. The best is yet to come.

snagged the word document... thank you so much!

Thank you so much for doing this! *wanders off to devour my new pdf copy*

Will there be a Nook Version

Not for free, but I mean, you said there will be a Kindle version w/art, I'm just wondering if there will be a Nook version w/pics :)

Re: Will there be a Nook Version

Yes, totally, it'll be available on all platforms.

I found that it actually stopped me a moment - trying to choose between the signposts. It just felt like an important decision (even though rationally I knew that the outcome would not be radically different). In moments like that, I know the story is a part of my heart. :-)

Thank you! And I am looking forward to sending the illustrated version to my younger cousins when it's available...

I confess, I clicked every option as I am greedy and want to know all the possibilities.

Hooray! I'm still going to buy the paper version, but this is nice to have.

Also, thanks for visiting Philly! I was at the Science Fiction club talk, though I got too nervous and fled afterward without saying thank you. Internet versions of authors are less intimidating than flesh and blood ones.

YAY!!! :-D

Looking forward to being able to splurge on the actual book book, but for now this is AWESOME. THANK YOU! :-D (Also: I like the game. ;-)

Got it! Thank you so much.

I'll be pre-ordering the hardcopy soon.
I ordered the hardcopy.

Edited at 2011-04-30 11:46 pm (UTC)

Huzzah! I got it right the first go, hehehe. I am so excited to read it that I can't wait for the paper-copy, but I shall be getting it as well. <3

Thanks so much, I actually missed the ending when it was up, so am eager to find out.

Will you be bringing copies of Fairyland and Deathless to Australia for selling and signing?

They should be available one way or another, still talking it out.

Stopped by your blog to say that I just finished Deathless. And it was basically the perfect book. I LOVE what you've done with the russian fairy tales, and I will be ordering a copy of Fairyland in very short order. As a fellow fairytale lover, thank you.

Really, really looking forward to meeting you and picking your brain at ConVergence this summer!

Got it and can't wait to read it! Thank you and congratulations!

Love the signposts, and yes, clicked each. ^_^

(But in your list of appearances, there's Capclave as being in "Gaithersburg, MA"... should be "MD", yes?)

Thank you very much for this nice present!