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Animated Fairyland Book Trailer!
Green Wind
OMG this is so exciting!

I'm not even sure how to introduce it to you except by saying OH MY GOD ANIMATED FAIRYLAND TRAILER!

With s00j  singing!

And did I mention animation? These are some of the book illustrations, made to move and dance. Great way to peek at Ana Juan's amazing work in bringing Fairyland to life.

Just about two months left until the actual book in my actual hands. Please watch and link about! It's all happening!

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Completely gorgeous. Very nice!

Wow. I think I drooled a little.

Wow. wowee wowee wow.

Also a quote from Gaiman? GOOD MORNING JUSTICE-IS-SERVED!

Mwa ha ha. My blurbs are a Blurb quadfecta. Gaiman, Holly Black, Tamora Pierce, and Peter Beagle. Mah heroez, let me show you them.

Oh jesus, I didn't notice the Beagle one too. Gaiman and Beagle, good god almighty. My envy is breaking its tethers and running amok right now.

Not that you need my help -- but I've reposted anyways. ;-)

Oh, it's just charming!!!

Gorgeous looking trailer. I was never much a fan of book trailers until I saw yours. Now I am sold.

Reposting to my facebook page.

That song is quite the earworm, too. It lodged inside my skull and shows no signs of coming out any time soon. Which is fine by me.

Totally reposting this! It is a piece of art.

This is the right kind of soothing for tonight.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

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