Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Are You Tired of How Much I Fangirl This Guy Yet?

I'm finally buckling down and watching the last two seasons of Battlestar Galactica during my breaks in novel-workage. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY SEASONS 3 AND 4 ARE A NICE PALATE CLEANSER. Jesus, that show has a hard-on for misery.

Anyway, that means reading Jacob's recaps at Television Without Pity because he is, as ever, my lit crit hero. And he was talking about Woman King, which is a really terrible episode, and OMG SON KNOWLEDGE GOT DROPPED.

"I mean, it's just a TV show. Surely not every episode can be a home run, right? And my response would be: Why the fuck not? When did we get to the point where excellence gets graded on a curve? Why give yourself, the show, anything that pass? I am so violently opposed to this concept of "everybody screws up now and then," it's not even funny. What a nasty, masturbatory, self-aggrandizing, lazy, stupid sentiment. I'd rather not have the conversation at all, if that's the only option, because at that point you're defending the indefensible: I like the show enough to lie and say this wasn't that bad. Who does that help? How does that induce transformation? How can you rise, when you give yourself the option of taking a nap? You fuck up, you learn, you try harder, you get better, you get stronger. You don't lay down and go to sleep and close your eyes and shut down the conversation: you evolve. This episode couldn't be worse, but it could be a great fucking deal better: Why isn't it?"

Oh my god, Jacob makes me want to be so awesome it hurts sometimes. I want to be that--as a consumer of art I demand it and am upset when it doesn't happen and then people tell me I hate everything when it's actually that I love tv and movies and books too much not to take it seriously when it goes south. As a creator of art oh god, I want to live up to that paragraph.

He also said in the recap right before this one: "Love is the Turing Test for people." And I'll be thinking over that for some time, because I think it's amazing and terrifying and I'm so grateful to the internet for creating silly, irrelevant pop culture sites that CAN SPEAK FOR MY SOUL and light me up inside.

ETA: Omg, another one: "But if you think for one hot second that you can't learn a lot about a person from the stories they tell, you need to go back to People School."

Dude, I read non-fiction books with less truth in them.

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