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c is for cat
I have a superpower. And that superpower is letting my coffee get cold.

I always have good intentions, but then I set it down and get involved in working and then seemingly instantaneously--POW, my coffee is ice cold.

Which means I drink a lot of not quite iced not really even warm coffee. And then I remember, when I taste the hot stuff, how good it is hot. justbeast laughs at me a lot about this, and my common cry for justice/the microwave is I USED MY SUPERPOWER.

But! I have found my kryptonite! And it is so awesome, I had to tell you guys. Because on Etsy no one can hear you scream it can be hard to find things that don't look like a 3rd grader made them for mother's day.

THIS defeats my superpower:

See how the bottom of the super-sweet rammy face is pointed? THIS MEANS I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN AND FORGET IT. I have to sit and enjoy my coffee all at once, which means not doing much else while I do it, which slows down my morning and is totally great. It's so odd how one little mug can actually affect my life for the better. Also I need a new superpower.

Also do you see how gorgeous that thing is? It is from this seller on Etsy, Chischilly Pottery, and I'm longing for more from them as we speak.

Hooray for awesome artists and their beautiful work. And for hot coffee, I say huzzah!

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