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c is for cat
Just a note, as some of you are asking, which leads me to believe that the announcement was missed in the Christmas rush, that Ventriloquism, my very first short story collection, is out now!

You can order it from Subterranean Books in the US and PS Publishing in the UK, though Subterranean has a limited number of copies. You can always order from PS direct, no matter where you live.

We're also really looking for reviewers for the collection, since I haven't seen anyone talking about it yet. If you need a review PDF, contact me. (The Habitation of the Blessed could use some review love, too, of course.)

But mostly I want you guys to be able to read and love this thing, for it is six years of my short fiction babies, in the most beautiful package for serious.

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I'd be happy to review both of 'em over at the Hunt Press blog: ahunt@huntpress.com.

Gooooooooooood Morning!

Do you know when Subterranean will be shipping this little box of wonderful? There's a hole on my Cat Valente shelf that it will fill oh so nicely.

I do not know, I suspect soon? I know there has been excitement with the US no longer allowing mail on passenger planes so things are cray cray.

Oh Sweet Jeebus... I bet UPS and FedEx love that security measure, they are probably making a mint.

Thank You for being You, and for letting me be in your world.

I forget to mention that, in gratitude for getting an ARC at Arisia I'll be posting reviews for The Habitation of the Blessed and The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making as soon as I finish them. (Currently reading "Habitation" first)

My review of The Habitation of the Blessed has been posted on LibraryThing, GoodReads, and my own LJ

I reviewed Palimpsest on my site not so long ago (and cross-posted it to a number of groups on LJ and Dreamwidth) and would love to get a little more up-to-date. And I've thought the Prester John mythos was fascinating ever since I first heard of it.

geoffdow (at) gmail.com.

I always assume people ego-search, but if you missed it, I posted this review of "Habitation" just over a month ago: http://www.weaselwordsmith.com/2010/12/14/prester-john-habitation-blessed-review/

(Deleted comment)
It does, a bit. I'm trying to only give out freebies to non-personal blogs. :(

Has anyone received their copy of Ventriloquism yet from PS? They said mine shipped on the 22nd of December. Still haven't gotten it yet.

Mail from the UK to the US (if you're in the US) is really unreliable right now.

I received mine a couple of weeks ago - I had preordered, and didn't get any kind of shipping notification, so I'm not sure exactly when it went in the mail, but it did arrive safely from the UK. I'm in Pittsburgh, in the Eastern US - don't know where you are..

im in NH. I preordered too. Oh well. i'll head to the post office tomorrow. if it isnt there, i'll send the publisher an e-mail.

I have not gotten mine yet either if that makes you feel better! I figured at first it just had something to do with the the UK to US mail issues they wrote about on their site but I am starting to get a little worried now... :/.

I didn't even get an email letting me know my copy was shipped... >_

I'm reading and loving The Habitation of the Blessed at the moment, and I'd love to review Ventriloquism. I do semi-regular book reviews for three pretty major Indian newspapers (who are generally wonderful about accomodating the things I really want to review) and I blog here: http://bluelullaby.blogspot.com/

I'd be willing to review both, if you are still looking for reviewers.

I review for Night Owl Romance. Despite the romance in the title, we're branching out to do other genres also.

I'm happy to do a review up over at the Of Science and Swords website.

danika . jaidyn @ gmail . com (without spaces)

I've bought one--the traycased edition. When it finally comes in, do you mind if I...freak out and take a lot of pictures (okay, probably two) and write shrieky things about how awesome it is (and put them on my Livejournal account)? I'm really, really unofficial, which is why I ask.

I'm waiting on my copy as well. My SIL pre-ordered it in the middle of December as my Hanukkah gift and it still hasn't arrived. She's not very happy with their customer service unfortunately either.

(Speaking of Habitation of the Blessed, I finished it today, and I really loved this: "His favorite was always Aristotle, a pagan, yes, but hardly a man alive has constructed more maddening sentences."

SO TRUE. And I've not even translated much.)

Oh, thank you for posting this reminder! I just sent PS a nice note requesting that they confirm my copy has in fact been shipped.

Dootdedo. Traycased on order from Subterranean~ *general moderately patient whistling goes here*

I ordered one near a month ago, and am still anxiously awaiting its arrival. The nice chap from PS told me the post was all dodgy because of weather in the UK, but I hope it surfaces soon! I can't wait to have it in my grubby little hands.

I'd love to get a review PDF for Ideomancer: claire@ideomancer.com


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