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Arisia and Apex
c is for cat
Oh this week has claimed the better part of me and is munching away. We’ve been back a night from the funeral and I’m off again today to teach at the Stonecoast MFA program, about which I am super excited because I love to teach, but tired, still. And behind on ALL my deadlines. And I am supposed to Announce about things which I have been lax on.

First, I’ll be at Arisia this weekend (see what I mean about this week?). I have a million panel/readingy things, and I would love it if you would come to them. seanan_mcguire  and I are doing our now-famous Q & A floor show thing, so come with questions for us! I will also have ARCs of Deathless and Fairyland to give away to folks who show up at my reading and the special breakfast.

Speaking of, I’m one of the special guests for the GOH breakfast on Sunday morning. Sign up and have a meal with me, and tea, and giggling, and ponies. EN FLAMBE. No, sorry. Tired, still. No ponies will be flambed.

Also also, Apex has moved to a new revenue system: a subscription model. In order to get the kick ass stories of this month’s issue, including seanan_mcguire’s end of the world tale and some seriously amazing Korean eschatology (hey! I made a theme!), you have to subscribe (but it is very reasonable!). Otherwise you’ll have to wait a month to read each issue. Remember that your patronage makes great fiction possible; please support Apex!

Also the third, er, can anyone pick me up from the train station on Friday in Boston and take me to the Arisia hotel?

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Wish I could be at Arisia for the flambe! I will look longingly to the east many times over the weekend, and hope the wind sends a whiff to two this way.

And, as an additional plug for the Apex mag (note: I am on the monthly blog), I have to say that Cat is doing a fabulous job. I put the November 2010 issue on my Top 10 Reads of 2010: http://eruditeogre.blogspot.com/2010/12/since-everyone-else-is-doing-fraggin.html

(Deleted comment)
The hotel is walking distance from South Station.

Maine trains come into North Station unfortunately.

There is a train from North Station to South Station. Hopefully you can get a ride, though! (I'm taking the bus straight from work, so cannot help.)

Subway, you mean? And Green and Orange lines are at North Station, so one has to switch to the Red line to get to South Station, then Silver line busway to get closest to the hotel. Do-able, but not a fun way to start Arisia. :(

"Walking distance" is of course dependant on how much luggage you have.

I've done it before, but my luggage seems to get heavier every year.

Re: It is roughly a mile

Also trains from Maine deposit at North Station.

'Tis a bit cold for walking.

?? Adam and I walk over twice that distance every day to get to and from work.

Not distance, temperature. That particular walk gets windy, and it's wind from off of the bay, so IM limited E, extra cold. Mind you, your walk may be just as cold for all I know.

Yeah, the walk from South Station to the other side of that canal or whatever it is REALLY SUCKS in the winter. That was the end of my commute for 3 months one winter, and I worked in a building that was right at the end of one of those bridges. Which don't get cleared of snow very well, so add -that-, or slush, to the biting winds and etc. and it was much worse than my currently longer walk through more protected (and shoveled) parts of town.

I am planning on taking the T to Arisia, but I have the benefit of getting on the Red Line to begin with, and intend to take the silver line or bus to get the rest of the way.

I sooooo want to go to Arisia. I'm going to have to manage it next year, come hell or high water.

I could pick you up again, if you like.

That would be awesome--I'll let you know what time I'm coming in asap?

Sure. I'm probably leaving a bit early from work on Friday, as today was a "closed for snow" day but I am still working (remotely). So, any time after 1-ish I can grab you.

I look forward to seeing you there!

I do so hope to meet you.

I'll be the girl with the treasurer badge and the frantic look.

I'm being dropped off at the hotel earlier myself (so as not to pay the daily parking fee), otherwise I'd offer, sorry.

But if you make it, your panels will be at the top of my list.

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If none have come forward I can pick you up. My plan is to be in Boston in the morning and I have no pressing engagements. I had dithered on paying the exorbitant fees for keeping my car at the con hotel, but need to have the ability to come and go as I wish.

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