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Ruminations and Announcements
 So yesterday I didn't sleep for like 40 hours? Because I am trying to get my sleep cycle on straight? It didn't really work, but I'm still trying.

The upshot of that was that I was up against the pleas of an editor and deadlines and so I accidentally wrote a cowboy poem. I...don't even know. It's either the best poem I've ever written or the worst. I love it, and I fear it. I am thrilled that rose_lemberg  bought it for Stone Telling volume 3--which unfortunately means you have to wait til March to read it. For volume 2 she has a reprint of The Eight Legs of Grandmother Spider, though, which means you can read it online for the first time.

I have this urge, now, to write in all the so-called Manly Genres.

Also check out my essay on diversity in fiction at the Shimmer blog and Tor.com's extensive 5-part preview of Habitation of the Blessed!

More good news!

I am SO FUCKING PROUD that two stories from Apex, tithenai 's The Green Book and Ian Tregillis's Still Life (A Sexagesimal Fairy Tale) were accepted for Horton's Year's Best and Strahan's, respectively. (Especially since I made my own pleas for Amal's story and my first act as editor was to ask Ian about that amazing story I read in a long-ago workshop.) Apex has never had a story in a Year's Best, guys. This year it has two, and I've only been running the damn thing for four months. 

EDIT: Holy crap, three! This is why you email your editors when you get these announcements, kids. Theodora Goss, my personal authorial heroine, also has a story in Strahan's in the form of Fair Ladies, the first story Apex published under my reign. Four months, three year's best. HOLY CATS.

Incidentally, being an editor is a whole other feeling of pride and hope--I think it's REALLY HEALTHY for authors to take a turn as an editor--it removes your sense of accomplishment and happiness from your own work alone. In the poly world there's a term called "compersion" which means being happy when your partner has good relationship moments in their other relationships. It's like that, I suppose, for someone who is an author herself to edit. And I'm jumping up and down for these guys.

Lastly, I'll be reading in Boston on December 11th at Pandemonium Books at 3pm. I hope you all will come--especially since I'll be giving away a FAIRYLAND ARC to an attendee! Must be present to win...

The wishing post is still going strong--keep posting!

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Congrats on the nomination for a Black Quill Award!!!!

Congrats to Apex's accomplishments at having two stories in a Year's Best!! You have discerning taste, apparently!

Wait, what? I got nominated for a thing?


(Single work, non-anthology short fiction appearing in a print or virtual magazine; awarded to the author)

* “Bully” by Jack Ketchum (Postscripts 22/23)
* “Goblin Boy” by Rick Hautula (Cemetery Dance #63)
* “Secretario” by Catherynne M. Valente (Weird Tales, Summer 2010)
* “The Things” by Peter Watts (Clarkesworld, January 2010)
* “We” by Bentley Little (Cemetery Dance #64)

*dances with* Thank you, lady.

Great icon! Great news about the two Apex stories, great work and I love the idea of you having written a cowboy poem. What next, I wonder? Something James Bondian?

Holy crap... I would kill for a 'Valente does James Bond' piece!!

Huzzah for awesomeness!

Also, I'm guessing that "In the poly world ... you're partner has good relationship moments in their other relationships." wants a "your" instead of "you're".

Edited at 2010-12-03 07:17 pm (UTC)

You need to write a western. Complete with all the stereotypes archetypes, like the mysterious stranger, the gun toting preacher, the evil, rich, cattle baron, the corrupt sheriff and his greasy, idiot deputy, and the independent and noble ranchers/miners who stand up to injustice.

Oh! Wow! That's GREAT, Miss Editrix! Congratulations!

And to the authors, too! :-D

I'll do my best to get there as I'd love to hear you. That's sandwiched between a visit from the cable guy and my boss's holiday party.

Congratulations all round! :)

Congratulations on EVERYTHING. This is amazing and I'm squeeing pretty loudly. If the wind's not blowing too hard, you should be able to hear me.....and I'm for the spy novel in a big way.

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