Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Party All The Time

I am still super tired from the wonderful Philadelphia trip--wonderful always means sleep deprived, as people insist on being awesome and interesting and I have no ability to NOT stay up all night watching GI Joe and playing "drink for a shitty flashback" drinking games with them.

And this weekend promises to rock no less. (Then Thanksgiving! With mah friends!) So I am going to tell you where I will be for the next few days and then curl up again, possibly with lunch first. Regular posting will resume soon.

On Thursday I'll be reading at Longfellow Books--this is my first reading in Portland (ME) and I am convinced no one will come since I'm out of town so much and kind of laying down on the job of making friends but please do come, if you can! Reading starts at 7 pm.

On Sunday, the 21st, I will by in NYC, reading at the WORD bookstore in Brooklyn at 6:30. But not just reading--this is a full multimedia show with Brian Slattery and the West Constantinople Squeezebox All Stars playing throughout the reading, and burlesque and belly dancers and gorgeousness galore. You do NOT want to miss this!

I'll be in town Saturday and Monday as well--I'll see some of you for the SFWA event Monday night, and holler if you want to hang out at some point! I will even have justbeast  with me.

And after this weekend I get to rest until the Boston reading on December 11th. Where rest = make a giant Thanksgiving dinner with goose.

Oh! And you can order my short story collection now! With that amazing cover by Rima Staines and the introduction by Lev Grossman and there's even a SUPER FANCY limited edition...which is actually my first special edition ever. SO EXCITED.
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