Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Cluck, Cluck

The time has come. This far, no farther. I have to take a stand.

I have finished with boneless, skinless chicken breasts forever.

They are tasteless, dry, shapeless chunks of futuristic vat-grown protein, and someone talked me into them in college as cheap meat that would help me lose weight (as opposed to the whole roasting chickens I was two-fisting down my gullet before) and then they were the frugal housewife's friend, I guess, and possibly the single reason I don't really like vague "stir fry" as a dinner choice, because I might then have to eat a boneless, skinless breast that didn't fully experience the soy sauce tsunami, and therefore tastes a lot like a kindergarten eraser.

Chicken is delicious. Chopping up a roaster or buying the bone-in whole pieces is not only often (not always) cheaper, because the chains have caught on and BSCBs are actually quite pricey now, but retains Actual Poultry Flavor, even if you remove the skin before eating. Chicken should taste like chicken, not so bland that everything tastes like it. (And yes, that is the fault of the 1950s perfect chicken movements, steadily breeding out any flavor from chicken or eggs. Retro-futurism for the blech.) And then I can use the bones for stock, and have fantastic soup the next day. Real food, with rich taste and parts that can be rendered into other meals. BSCBs could be Ionian cyborg lava-penguin meat for all it has any sensory resemblance to the animal it came from.

I made curry with them the other night, and I was picking the pieces out. Some of you may be vegetarian, but I love meat and my brain needs protein and something has gone wrong if I am trying to eat around it.

One day I will have to eat protein grown from mold on the side of an industrial food plant. I accept this as my destiny--but I don't need to hasten the day by eating these nearly triangular bits of alleged chicken.

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