Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel


So there's this big steampunk event the same night as my NYC Prester John launch in Brooklyn--November 21.

We were contacted by them, though really, all that was said is that we should think about rescheduling or joining their event in some fashion, (they were super nice about it though, I will say) which I didn't want to do because PJ is not steampunk and we've had this planned for a very long time now.

But people are asking if I know about it and yes, I do. This is what I will say.

There is no night in New York that will not have some conflict. Surely I cannot draw the same number of people that a Hot!Subgenre!Event! can. Which is good because the space cannot hold them. However, I hope that you will come to our evening of music and dance and books rather than to yet another steampunk event. There will be another steampunk event along presently--not so me spangled and bright with Brian Slattery playing a violin, accordions, belly dancers, and a beautiful book. This is not to malign the event that's conflicting with us--only to say, hey. Steampunk nights are thick on the ground these days, we can't reschedule and don't really want to, and I hope y'all will come see me regardless.

And dude, you can go to both events. Theirs goes past midnight, ours will be over by 8. Easy peasy.

And if you sneak out part way through, I won't be mad.
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