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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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c is for cat
So there's this big steampunk event the same night as my NYC Prester John launch in Brooklyn--November 21.

We were contacted by them, though really, all that was said is that we should think about rescheduling or joining their event in some fashion, (they were super nice about it though, I will say) which I didn't want to do because PJ is not steampunk and we've had this planned for a very long time now.

But people are asking if I know about it and yes, I do. This is what I will say.

There is no night in New York that will not have some conflict. Surely I cannot draw the same number of people that a Hot!Subgenre!Event! can. Which is good because the space cannot hold them. However, I hope that you will come to our evening of music and dance and books rather than to yet another steampunk event. There will be another steampunk event along presently--not so me spangled and bright with Brian Slattery playing a violin, accordions, belly dancers, and a beautiful book. This is not to malign the event that's conflicting with us--only to say, hey. Steampunk nights are thick on the ground these days, we can't reschedule and don't really want to, and I hope y'all will come see me regardless.

And dude, you can go to both events. Theirs goes past midnight, ours will be over by 8. Easy peasy.

And if you sneak out part way through, I won't be mad.

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I am totally coming to your thing instead. It's on my calendar and everything!

I've been waiting months for this. Not so much for the Steampunk event. And there *are* plenty of vintage/steampunk-friendly events happening in NYC this season, which is why I'm a bit steamed-out ;-) Thank you for this refreshing foray into the Medieval (?) period.

However, I don't think this will conflict too much for people that want to attend both. A 7:30pm event probably won't see much attendance until 9ish anyway. Especially if it goes past midnight. Geek Standard Time! And non-NY'ers sometimes forget that we have large amounts of mass transit to get us between many happenings in a single night.

Will there be ticket/coverprice for your event?

I don't think so--probably a tip jar though.

Awesome, it's not on a weeknight! (I work nights). Shall be there!

I very much appreciate the fact that my sincere desire to ask politely and speak about things politely came through.

I do want to clarify my own feeling that there is not a conflict between your reading and The Anachronism - quite the contrary, our event barely overlaps with yours, and definitely doesn't overlap with the 7:30 ending I saw listed when I wrote my email.

What I was saying was that we were planning on doing a salon and author's reading that night, that while it hadn't yet been announced, we had several authors lined up - and I absolutely didn't want to run something that was a "competing" event, or might be seen that way, without talking to you and the good folk of WORD. I did talk about possibly moving our reading to WORD; I also offered to just plain cancel my plans.

My own biggest point was simply that, because I love your work, respect you like mad, and certainly owe you a debt of gratitude - I didn't want to be promoting something opposite you without, at least, speaking to you. And I can't see how "Come to a night of Steampunk authors in Manhattan from 4 p.m. to 7:30" isn't in pretty direct conflict with you.

I just plain didn't want to do that without, at the very least, speaking to you.

Ok, that actually didn't really quite come across, or I got confused.

Can you change the timing of that part of the event? It is in competition, and I'd like to minimize the effect.

Then I apologize for my poor writing, and I'm sorry to have been unclear!

I don't have a lot of timing options, as it was intended to be a pre-event - it was going to be a free event, at a local cafe, running before the actual event at Webster Hall. That's part of why it would have worked (for our side, not necessarily for yours!) - for us to just move to doing those things at the bookstore, before your reading started - thus, theoretically (at least in my hopes) letting my event directly promote yours, and be some benefit to you, rather than possibly doing some harm.

(And that's not intended to try to convince you or WORD to change any plans - I'm just trying to explain my thoughts.)

I do wonder if this changes things a bit, and you would, then, prefer that we just cancel it? I can explain it to the folks I've got lined up.

I'm pretty sure my husband is planning on going to your reading, regardless of anything else!

If you can talk WORD into doing it before my reading, I would bet that would work fine. Please do approach them with my blessing.

Will there be a Cleveland area event to celebrate the book launch?

There's not one planned right now. I don't really know so many people in Cleveland anymore, and it's too far to drive.

I was conflicted about whether or not I could do both (yours was a priority), but now I'm pretty sure I can! (Without ducking out early.) The Prester John party starts at 6:30, right?

I wish I could go to yours (I don't care about theirs; I am a rare Strowler in that steampunk doesn't interest me much), but, well, I'm in Seattle. OTOH, I did cave in and buy the book in paperback, since I can't get it on the Nook for most of a month. :)

BTW, you said to contact you about Fairyland-by-email?

Yes, email me at my first name at gmail.com. I'll be in Seattle in may!

If such an event (and such a Cat!) were to be brought to Minnesota, I would be in attendance, and would ply said Cat with sweetmeats and framed Bilibin prints...

just saying.

I'll be attending yet another unrelated event that night, but I'll definitely see you in Boston!

Prester John is quoted next to a bead at NaNoCraftMo over on Flickr! See?:http://tinyurl.com/264zgmh

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