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Some Habitation Links
prester john
There aren't too many reviews out yet--hopefully that will change, but it often takes a bit for them to start springing up. However, there are some and some more fun things:

Over at Scalzi's Whatever, I explain why The Habitation of the Blessed is actually a science fiction novel
. (Not a joke.)

Rosemary Kirstein hosts a particularly lovely book discussion--a lot of the chewy stuff is in the comments.

popelizbet  has a long and spoiler-free and awesome review.

seanan_mcguire  likes it! (It is always dodgy when your friends read your books--what if they hate it oh noz)

kat_with_sword says beautiful things and is a medievalist so she knows whereof.

mirrorshard  has a really solid review and pretty spoiler-free summary.

We still dwell within the grace period where no one hates it yet! Or at least hasn't said so. Remember the contest goes through the end of the week, and there are five free chapters available so you can see what you're getting into. I now return to twiddling my thumbs and refreshing Amazon like a monkey with a shock button. It's an author's life.

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I'm happy to hear that you're making progress with this.

I love your Whatever post. That was fabulous. :)

(Deleted comment)
I tried to get it in Ebook form for the Nook and couldn't. :(

I'm sorry! I'm not in control of that, but BN seems to think it's out on Nov 23.

*sigh* Not your fault, I get that. I just now have to figure out whether to pay for it twice, so I can read it on paper while BN is getting around to getting it out for me, and then getting it on the Nook, or whether I just wait, stewing.

Well, your amazon rank went up by about a thousand since I bought it this morning (and pre-ordered Deathless, I mean, while I'm at it why the hell not?). As soon as I get it I'll devour, sit stupified for a day, and then write something on amazon.

I am currently a sad, sad panda in a freaking blizzard because I am in NM and my book went to ARIZONA...and then to CALIFORNIA...and now back to COLORADO...and I want my BOOK. I feel like a monkey with a shock button on the UPS tracking site.

I'm telling myself that I don't need another book...yet.

But maybe I'll get myself an early Christmas present and pick this up. I'm tempted. :3

And Deathless. As it is, I only have both of your "Orphan's Tales" books and they're amongst my favorite books EVER.

I have dropped recommendations for your books from time to time on my LJ. I'll type up a review of this when I finish this, and encourage lovers of unique fantasy on my f-list to pick it up. :)

A Pilgramage for Habitation


I have an intimate relationship with an independent bookstore. Unfortunately, they were unable to get habitation in until next week. This wouldnt do. Obviously. So, I drove half an hour to the nearest chain (borders). Now, i hate borders. Not because i like my little independent bookstore (which i do) but because every time i go into borders, they infuriate me with their disorganization and lack of customer care.

If only i knew what i was in for.

In the back, they have Sci-fi and Fantasy in a few shelves. There are nice end caps, and a section for new books. Thinking its a new book, i go to the V's hoping to find it. Nothing. I scan the rows. Nothing. I look up and down. Nothing. I look in the front of the store, and i find...you guessed it...nothing.

After much cursing i went back to find Palimpsest mis-shelved and no Habitation of the Blessed in sight. I went to the handy kiosk (with people asking me every five feet if i needed anything) and searched.

Up pops a few things. 1 is the epic Ghost Rider cover. Another is a little note saying the book is going to be published on November 28, 2010. And then a little block saying, "Likely In Store."

How helpful.

After a little headbanging i asked the nice associate to explain to me where the *hell* i would find the book i'd driven forty miles to find. She told me that it was "in the back" and then stared at me blankly.

She has apparently never appreciate my level of obsession when i want a book. So after a few moments i say quite nicely, "could you possibly get me a copy? I'd really like it."

The very nice clerk blinked twice and then went "In the Back" to find it. Half an hour later (i'm not kidding) she returns and says that she cant find it "in the back" but there are a number of boxes that havent been unpacked yet. I then, politely, ask her to find me a copy of Habitation of the Blessed by Cat Valente. She gives me the aww-you're-too-stupid-to-be-mad-at look and says she cant, but can she recommend another book to me?

I quickly envision an elaborate ritual to your dark honor ending in the eviseration of this very nice clerk and wonder if its worth it. I decide not, as eviseration is frowned on in certain juristictions, and if i make a big enough stink im never getting the freaking book.

So after cruising the shelves i find something that doesnt make me want to vomit, i look forlornly at where Habitation of the Blessed will some day ( i hope ) be put on the shelves and then go to check out.

The story gets better.

The girl asks me (after trying to sell me a border's card) if i found everything i was looking for. Very pointedly, i said no. The book i want is "somewhere in the back" and i want it. I want it and i want it now and i don't want to have to wait a week. Damn it.

I put on my Faust hat for a moment and offer to purchase one of her platinum-diamond-encrusted-rewards card if *she* can get me the book. Her eye light up at the possibility of a challenge and summons her manager. The manager gets the look on his face that i'm an idiot and says it would take him an hour or two to sort through all of the boxes for the book i'm searching for like Arthur and the Holy Grail.

Unknowingly to him, i smile in victory and say i'll be waiting by the coffee shop with my Latte. The look on his face said volumes. He knew i had caught him and owned his professional soul. Well, maybe not, but i wanted the damn book and if i needed to pull some sort of spy-thriller to get it from "in the back" i would.

45 minutes later the nice manager comes over and gives me my new and wonderful copy of habitation of the blessed. Though it looks like he has gone through war--i, in the end, prevail and came home with my trophy.

Just thought you should know. :)

My copy of The Habitation has just arrived and now I am sitting here, holding it in my hands and thinking about how much I'll enjoy reading it. I'll crack it open, I swear, I just want to savor this anticipation for a moment. :)

That video on Whatever wins the internet, by the way.

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