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Can We Just Not?
c is for cat
It seems to me that as of late people feel totally comfortable saying horrific things about entire groups of humans and airing some seriously old and ugly isms in public in a way that they hadn't for a long time. Whether this is white people losing their minds or not I have no idea, but there's this pervasive notion that insulting, belittling, and dehumanizing people not like oneself is somehow a revolutionary and daring act, like riding a motorcycle or something, and simultaneously, that any argument with said rebel yells is an evil act of censorship.

Coupling this with some version of "if you're so tolerant you have to tolerate everything I say and toleration solely and completely means being quiet while I pwn you with my superior doucheskills!" is considered an advanced move, so advanced that it automatically requires a couple of high fives per comment thread.

Hint: if your view is regularly espoused on Fox News, you are not an oppressed minority nor a super awesome alpha-maverick.

What the hell is going on that people think it's admirable to freak out and demand the world conform to their own personal worst and most frightened instincts? I mean, I get that we're supposed to be in a culture war, but fuck. At some point basic manners--the kind we were supposed to all have way back in the golden age of the 50s--should kick in.

I am cranky and have not had lunch and am tired of seeing writers I enjoy leaping up to be counted with the forces of exclusion.


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Ah, I forgot to mention it was in context of a defense of the Confederacy during the civil war. But point taken.

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