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Wicked Girls
This is to say that seanan_mcguire  has a new album coming out. It is called Wicked Girls, after my favorite song of hers of all time. In fact, a bit of Fairyland is a little curtsey and bow to that song--some of you will know what I mean.

She's doing this crowdfunding style, so the sooner she gets the donations she needs to make the album, the sooner we all get to have it. You want this album. So here's how to pre-order:

1) The album page, where there are links to lyrics and such fun things (sound clips will come after the album is mastered, not before)
2) The order form:
3) Pre-orders follow this price scale:
* $18.00 USD: First domestic pre-order.
* $16.00 USD: Second domestic pre-order.
* $20.00 USD: International pre-order.
* $16.00 USD: Second international pre-order.
This is because of the way the mailing costs work. A third CD would cost the same as a first; this assumes that the CDs are being shipped together. So two CDs to the same US address would be $34.00, but two CDs to two different US addresses would be $18.00 each.

And if you order and click the choose to be a sponsor thingy by Monday you get your name in the liner notes. Dude, I cannot WAIT for this album.

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This album is going to be amazing. While there are no sound clips yet here are a couple of videos to give any of you unfamiliar with Seanan an idea of why you want this album. Both songs are going to be on it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DQx7iF-yOc Wicked Girls

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu-8gdV3exo Tanglewood Tree

Is there a way to chip in a few bucks without actually buying the whole album?

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