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Days of Glass and Pumpkins
So I've been lampworking beads for a little while now. Mostly I suck at it, as you suck at all new hobbies until the day you don't. Since there is no affordable glassblowing studio in Portland, I was inspired by my friend Danielle who is amazing at this to pursue my glass fetish at home, with a flamey torch and careful fingers.

Danielle is doing a kind of Nanowrimo for crafts, and I thought it would be a good way to hone my lampworking skills into something I could be proud of instead of insisting I suck at it. Naturally, I couldn't wait, and started early. I think part of the process has to be posting pics of the beads, so you all can see me grow as a glassworker but also so I keep with it. So this is the first post, of the first two days. (Keep in mind I have a PILE of uglies, beads that just failed on one thing or another, these are the ones that are keepers. I love the way they sit in the bowl, like ridiculous fairy candy. So candy like I want some hot pink glass to make a bead in my head called the Fairy Queen's Bubblegum!)

Because I have finally started making beads I like zomg, and I am very pleased about that. I'm still very much a beginner, but I am starting to learn what I'm interested in (colorglittershiny) and what I'm not (a million spacer beads) and find my own style. It's pretty much like writing in that way--you imitate the stuff you see around you until one day you wake up with something of your own to say. Or set on fire.

I mean to title these as I go but haven't gotten around to it yet--if you have ideas for title for any of these, please leave a comment! (I am supposed to come up with a theme for the month of beads, but haven't yet. Also need a glassworking icon.)

Anyway...shinies under the cut. EDIT: Arg, bloggerfail, I posted the same pic twice. The ones I really dig are under the second cut now.

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Alright, Universe, I can take a hint...

I was thinking, last night, about doing this to get myself back into the habits and practices of being an artist again. Then I read this. I guess that's about as pointed an answer as I'm going to get on the matter.

Also, I love the amber one on the right. I reminds me of a drop of honey spilled on the table, and I can easily imagine it wrapped in copper or bronze, with a tiny bee. Love it!

Join in with NaNoCraftMo!


- Danielle

Done, and done! Thanks! (Hmm...guess this means I should do something with my antique Flickr account.)

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