Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel


Ok, this was rough, as the LOLJohns are completely fantastic. And ultimately I had to have a tie for second place because there was too much awesome and I have extra audiobooks.

Without further ado, the second place winners are:

lady_tigerfish ! Because this is what I think when I look at like half of medieval art.

And amandakcampbell , who immediately spawned an LJ icon with:

But the winner showed knowledge of the Prester John mythos and magically swiped a joke from my upcoming sekrit projekt--though man, it was an awfully tight race with "Haters," which I've been quoting nonstop. But the in-universe LOL had to take it.


jnanacandra !

Everybody send me your mailing addresses!
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