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Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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ARC and Audio Giveaway
prester john

So I came home to a GIANT BOX of Habitation of the Blessed and it is GORGEOUS and has RUFFLY CUT EDGES and YOU WANT IT.

But that means I don't need my last ARC anymore. So...IT IS TIME.

This is a giveaway of a Habitation of the Blessed ARC. 2nd prize? A copy of the Palimpsest audiobook. ZOMG, right? Open to anyone, Twitter, Facebook, LJ. What do you have to do?

Make me a LOLJohn.

What is a LOLJohn?

Google Prester John, blemmy, monopod, medieval woodcut, medieval monsters, anything of that sort and grab one of the many hilarious medieval images from bestiaries, woodcuts, etc. Anything actually created in the medieval world. Stick a caption on it. Post it here. The best one gets the ARC. #2 gets the audiobook.

Yes, you have to actually make the image, you can't post a link and a caption. MS Paint will do, I don't ask it to be perfect.

I feel this will be awesome. Fire away. Submissions close tomorrow night.

I like the hyena's downcast expression! He is not ferocious at all; he is regretful.

(Deleted comment)
This is my favorite so far.

(Deleted comment)

Can we submit more than one? I feel this could be fun...

Re: Can we submit more than one? I feel this could be fun...



Wow.. ok :)

(Unrelated - address plz! See email)

Not quite lol-worthy, but a trivia I found curious at the time:

The creepy monster #27, which looks like something flesh-eating out of Jurassic Park? Is what passed for a realistic representation of a hippo as late as 1778 (the illustration comes from „Naturgeschichte für Kinder“ by Georg Christian Raff).

And here I thought it was an angry tapir.

Hah, what a great, fun idea! Even if this is all I can come up with...

(Deleted comment)

I blame this cold, really.

I call this one "The hazards of OKCupid"

that was too much work

title or description

title or description

I dunno.... Bagpipes are a hard limit for most people I know. ;-)