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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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I am propped up in bed, unable to sit fully straight up due to back pain, in a Flexeril haze. About all I can do is write short LJ entries--brain is not shining through for real writing--or read. Knitting is right out, and I find it uncomfortable to watch anything onscreen these days without fiber arts in my hands.

So I'm reading, or trying to read, The Logic of Millenial Thought in Eighteenth-Century New England, and get my Cotton Mathers on. I get through the introduction. The line reads:

I assume all responsibiility for errors, sins of omission or commission, or any other faults the book bears.

I read:

I assume all responsibility for errors, sins of omission and commission, any others are the fault of the book bears.



And then I noticed my mistake, and mourned briefly for the loss of a world where all other sins could be blamed on book bears, (who in my head look like the Alot), took some more anti-inflammatories, and scrunched down further into bed.

I will forever more blame the book bears for these problems.

Thank you, Cat's drug haze!

The book bears deserve to be the subject of a children's book, I think. Maybe they know the ghost pigs.

Edited at 2010-09-25 08:33 pm (UTC)

They may be related to plot bunnies and I did once write a story about the plot bunny that is jointly owned by my wife and I.

I blame the book bears for the problems in my chapter!

Feel better soon, Cat.

Also, to my amusement and bemusement, a porn spammer has joined immigrant_punks. Welcome to Palimpsest, I guess!

Oh, I do this with words all the time. It just happened yesterday, but I can't remember the sentence that I rearranged...no, wait, I got it. I saw a newpaper headline that said "Allan Appointed Superintendant," but read, "Alien Appointed Superintendant."

Thank you for the Alot. I am going to share my feelings with it from now on.

Of course, the woolly-bears only infest gardening books.

(Er, do you have whoolly bear catapillers in the US?)

We do have them in the US, and catvalente is terrified of them :)
Please to be not post.

You hadn't met the book bears before? I found them first when I started reading to my kids; why do you suppose there are so many children's books with anthropomorphic ursine characters? It's their way of giving the children a case of the book bears, which is a bit like head lice or bedbugs; not dramatically unpleasant but a bit squicky and very difficult to cure. If a child doesn't grow up to write much, it isn't very relevant and they can survive just fine for a lifetime with book bears, but if they become writers, or go into another profession which requires producing reports or whatever, the book bears will get into everything they write and produce at least a few errors which get past the copy-editors (who of course mostly have their own cases of book bears to deal with).

The greatest gift an author can have is an editor who never acquired a case of the book bears, or who managed to get theirs cured. They're awfully rare, though.

Sorry to hear about the pain. I identify greatly; I'm curled up in bed on hydromorphone, asking my partner to bring me lunch because when I try to walk my legs stab me from toes clear up to the hip joints. When I'm in bed, they just ahe, as does everything else.

Here's to quick improvement for both of us, and an effective treatment for the book bears.

You know what *I* think about Book Bears?

Alot Like Book Bears.

I leave that for someone else to draw. :-P

Clearly the book bears are real because they caused you to misread that sentence.

Long live the book bears!

I'm good at twisting sentences. Now when ever I mangle a sentence like that, I will remember the book bears.
It is because of them... :D

I'm now imagining what "this book bear's further scrutiny" might entail. Snuffling, sharp teeth and alot of fancy monocles, no doubt.

Book Bears: That idea is so awesome, it deserves to exist, even if only in the context of feverish fiction.

Get well soon.

LOL. I love the idea of book bears; I usually call them 'typo demons.'

Speaking as a Mandelbear, I must confess a certain feeling of kinship for the creatures. They mean well; they're just clumsy and clueless.

Speaking as a Pooh Bear, I would cop to the clumsy, but I think we're just occasionally oblivious differently-clued.

(here via slweippert.... but not surprised to find a Mdlbear nor a PocketNaomi or a Vixy... :)

I need one of those book bears. What a great coverall.