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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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Free Things!
modern lit
Incidentally, I am having a contest over at my Twitter--I have one galley of Deathless left, and I'm near to 2000 followers, so I'm giving the galley away to the 2000th follower!

So if you're not reading me on Twitter (I'm @catvalente), today is a good day to start.

I have Habitation of the Blessed galleys to give away next week, too!

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Blast, I am already reading you!

There'll be more opportunities later. :)

Indeed. I have Deathless preordered. :)

now I am a badass reviewer-type, you should send me books ;)

Surely. Make sure I have an address.

Curses, and here I started following you yesterday!

I've found that picking a number (like 2000) get's people to drop you and then follow back trying to hit the number -- it works better if you say "a random one out of the next X followers". then after you hit your magic number, just pick one of the last X people who's not a viagra followbot.

Good point, this is my first twitter contest. I'll know next time.

But why on Twitter?! I don't have Twitter, nor wish to have one. It would it my free time.

There will be other contests later.

. . . I think I have a pavlovian response to 'free'.

Sorry about the follow/unfollow. I only have a twitter for EBZ, I'm not really comfortable reading or talking on twitter, so I do not need to randomly clutter up the internets.

I mean, sure, I go skim your page sometimes, but I can just keep doing that. *facepalms*

Much as I admire your work, Twitter is over the limit. Sorry.

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