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Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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Let's Go Downtown and Watch the Failparade!
Oh, Elizabeth Moon! How could you write a post like that knowing it was bound raise a stink? The only answer is malice. Good citizens don't do that sort of thing, you know.

Honestly, though I know ours is a small community and in the larger scheme we are not terribly important, I am continually embarrassed every time someone raises a rock and exposes how much prejudice is still crawling around at the bottom of the SFF world. I want us, whose job it is to chronicle the future and a wealth of alternatives to the here and now, to be better than this. Why are we not better than this? How can people who make it their business to imagine and empathize with the truly alien offer such meager treatment to other humans?

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Oh, I hadn't seen that.

I'd hoped that maybe she'd be able to listen to some of the very reasonably phrased comments that pointed out some of the problems with her post; some commenters even leaned over backwards (heh) to be nice to her and say "look, maybe you didn't mean it this way, but here's the problem with the words you used, so please examine them."

But that comment pretty well indicates she's stopping up her ears now.

"look, maybe you didn't mean it this way, but here's the problem with the words you used, so please examine them."

That's how I took them too, but if she's going to play the "haters got to hate" card, I'm going to have to see that with "failures got to fail."

Pretty much.

I could've taken the post as just ignorant, but perhaps with hope; her evasive and dismissive replies to commenters and her LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU make it hard not to see it as hateful.

That comment on her news group would apply almost equally to her then....because a number of folks (including me) mentioned they thought a few of the idea in there were good, but that it suddenly takes a turn into irrational territory, which surprised a number of us. It's hard to argue that she was dealing with an antagonistic audience to start with.

And the bittersweet irony of saying that her commenters don't like what they are reading so their comprehension must be suffering as a result. Oh, Moon, how can you not see yourself in that mirror?

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