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Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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Let's Go Downtown and Watch the Failparade!
Oh, Elizabeth Moon! How could you write a post like that knowing it was bound raise a stink? The only answer is malice. Good citizens don't do that sort of thing, you know.

Honestly, though I know ours is a small community and in the larger scheme we are not terribly important, I am continually embarrassed every time someone raises a rock and exposes how much prejudice is still crawling around at the bottom of the SFF world. I want us, whose job it is to chronicle the future and a wealth of alternatives to the here and now, to be better than this. Why are we not better than this? How can people who make it their business to imagine and empathize with the truly alien offer such meager treatment to other humans?

"Good citizens don't do that sort of thing, you know."

I lol'd.

I read this earlier today, including the responses. Was confused and caught off guard when she veered into the discussion of immigration, assimilation, and Islam. I can only shake my heard in disappointment. Having not read her work, I have no attachment (though I understand she's generally well respected), but still WTF?

I find myself grateful that I've never much liked her books. I can stop reading them now without feeling like I'm losing much. Ugh.

The worst part of the internet has to be watching all the authors you grew up with revealing their asshattery.

YES! I still get sniffly over Orson Scott Card sometimes.

Born in 1945; if she began reading sf in her teens, the leading sf editor then was John W. Campbell. Campbell insisted that fictional aliens should be shown as inferior to humans. And in 1968, he wrote an editorial backing George Wallace for President.

Wow, she's really into using a lot of words to suggest that what she's going to say next is well thought-out and reasonable, and then BAM dropping utter, utter bigoted tripe into the next sentence. And then trying to justify it again.

Horrible language, and unapologetically ignorant ideas. I don't know why I'm more surprised to see it coming from a sci-fi author, but I am. It's the best genre for removing society's negative assumptions and building a better way, so it's doubly sad when someone working in the genre backpedals into reactionary crap quite this fast.

the best part of this rant is that it is incoherent from the first to the last word. absolute illogical mess full of unfounded assumptions and amusing lack of self-awreness.

never red anything of her... is her prose that bad too?

Wow. I was kind of okay with some of beginning citizen part and then...well, no, she totally lost me.

After living in a small town in the country for the past 7 years one of the things I'm loving most about my move back to the city is the fantastic melting pot of flavors, colors, languages and cultures I have around me now.

I guess she's saying that the plaque on the statue of liberty should read "Prepare to be Assimilated." How boring.

>>I guess she's saying that the plaque on the statue of liberty should read "Prepare to be Assimilated." How boring.<<


Thanks for this comment. After reading Moon's post, I truly needed a good laugh.


I'd been refreshing and reading new comments. Now the comments are gone, and this note added:

NOTE. Time to move the crowd outside and shut the door. All comments will be deleted, the slag recycled for another time, and no further comments made on this post. Whatever's been said has been said, and answered, and resaid, and reanswered.

I guess that answers my question once and for all about her open-mindedness.

This is what naturalists call the pupal stage of a failflamefst.

(Deleted comment)
All it's taught me is that I will never post a thing about politics and ,my belief now in the event that should I git pubbished 'n' famous I shan't make an ass of myself.

I have plenty of other ways of doing that, fortunately.

For a lurker, I write comments entirely too often on your posts. I blame you giving me thinky thoughts. ;)

I grew up with very broken, very bigoted parents. When my friends are oh so surprised at how I grew up to be open-minded (while still struggling with as much internalized fail as the next person), I point out that I learned ethics & morality from SF&F.

When I saw E. Moon's post I got that awful sinking sensation in my stomach. Because one of the people (generically, I didn't read her until adulthood mostly) I held onto as an ethical input was revealed to have that bigotry inside. I still feel the same about Orson Scott Card.

It just hurts.

"Whether a group changes its core behaviors and values after immigration or not, it must--to be assimilated later--come to understand the culture into which it has moved. To get along, it must try not to do those things which will, sure as eggs is eggs, create friction, distrust, and dislike."


People need to stop Othering Islam. Seriously. Why do people keep perpetuating the false notion that Muslims are all Outsiders who have "come here" to "our" country--as opposed to the reality that they have been living and working and worshiping here since literally the founding of the nation?

Why do people keep pretending that the Default American is a white Christian? No, Muslims do NOT have an obligation to conform to Christian standards to make them more comfortable--because this country DOES NOT BELONG TO CHRISTIANS. Argh. I am sorry for shouting, but this attitude is everywhere, and it's about to make me blow a gasket. I keep seeing these statements of "us" and "them," and inevitably the "us" is the Default American WASP and "them" is everyone else, and the "us" can't get it through their heads that they don't own this country, they're no more American than anyone else, they never have been, and they don't get to make the rules at everyone else's expense. They just don't. It needs to stop.


Why are we not better than this? How can people who make it their business to imagine and empathize with the truly alien offer such meager treatment to other humans?

At this point, I have come not to expect anything better.

What I find really frustrating is that I agree with about 4/5 of what she wrote: the stuff about what's good for business NOT necessarily being good for the country, and the duty of citizens to give back... that's all stuff the pseudo-Libertarian Teabaggers desperately need to read. I just want to delete the specific paragraphs aimed at the Cordoba Center... :-(