Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Question for the Aggregate

So my friend put up this post and I really want to hear the answers, too. But guys are cagey about this stuff--and maybe humans are in general, though I think I could do it--so she's not getting many answers. Or any, so far. But I want to know!

I used to pester my boyfriends to explain this stuff to me. In the end, I have always found men's bodies baffling and mysterious--envied their ease with certain things, but never understood what it could be like in that skin. My past boyfriends usually changed the subject or made me answer first and then changed the subject so they never had to answer it. So I never even got good answers! And yet it's an obvious thing everyone does. But we have so little vocabulary for such things, and such shame around them, and a cruel kind of repression of self-analysis when it comes to sex.

Ah, so you see where I'm going. A little. Darkly. We're gonna talk about sex up in here.

My friend asked this question--but I'm betting I can get more answers because there are so very many of you and you are such an articulate bunch.

So, let's talk about male orgasms. Or rather - tell me about male orgasms? If you're male-bodied, what do your orgasms feel like to you? In as much detail as you can without getting all porny on me. Don't be shy. You can post anonymously if you want. Free, safe space, no judgments here.

I think this always fascinates me because I have had trouble with orgasms in the past, and therefore, I fall into that cultural trap of assuming orgasms for men are always easy and plentiful as mine were not always, and obvious is a way mine were not, privileged, dominant, part of the clear landscape of sex, whereas many men do not feel the female orgasm is much of a shrub on that particular topography. (Yes, college sucked in many ways.) I know now they are not so easy, always, but our culture overwhelmingly invests in the idea that they are, for a host of upsetting reasons.

After the username conversation it occurs to me that I overshare.

Anyway, to the comments, Batman!
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