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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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Oh, Monday.
c is for cat
Many of you may have wondered if I have seen the discussion and letter-writing on behalf of the proposed cover of The Habitation of the Blessed.

I have.

In fact, it's been seen far and wide.

What I know today is that there will be a redesign of the cover, with input from me. Hopefully this will not delay the book, but it might.

I have optimism that things will be worked out now. I am grateful both to you all who cared so deeply about the book and to Night Shade who responded so quickly with reassurances. It will be a good book, and a beautiful one.

All will be well.

I think even if there is a delay, it's worth it.

Brilliant! I'm so glad to hear it, and, of course, can't wait for the book.

Hooray! Thrilled to hear it.

Excellent! My kudos to Nightshade and Jeremy for being perhaps the first publisher, ever, to listen to the future readers in such a matter. <3

...wait. Am I reading this right? Fans saw the cover, disliked it, spoke up, and the publisher responded? By changing the cover? As if the fans knew what they were talking about or something?


Rly? That's gotta be a sign the apocalypse is nigh. Or, that you landed an exceedingly awesome and nice publisher.

I didn't dislike the previous cover. I thought it was kind of pretty (disclaimer: I know nothing about perspective or art or anything) but it didn't look like a Catherynne Valente book, if that makes any sense. I thought it wouldn't be what it appeared to say on the tin, but I wasn't sure if that would necessarily be bad.

Anyway, my wittering aside, go, Nightshade, you are awesome.

SWEET! Oh, this makes me so happy! Here's hoping for something emblematic, like a tree dripping books, or something.

Well, the art likely won't change except to fix the ethnicity issue. But the design will, which will make all the difference.

I'm tentatively glad to hear it, barring a repeat of the level of "fixing" that In the Night Garden saw.

Have I just completely forgotten what happened there?

Hooray!!! So glad it helped!!

Hooray! It's so great when letter writing actually makes a difference. :-)

Well yay! That's good news.

I am happy they relented, because any cover you put in on is going to be better than that sack of mess they were trying to sell, full stop.

They're still getting the side eye and no cookies from me, because not everyone has us to back them up when this happens, and the fact we even had to push it this far to get them to jettison the whitewashed cover makes me make a Bert face in their direction. "Don't whitewash things" is pretty damn basic rules of conduct, IMPO.


That icon. I cannot stop staring at it. I think the sensation flooding my heartybits is love.

Hooray! I hope they give you a cover you can love with no reservations.

I hope your new cover more closely represents the book and characters you wrote, without the whitewashing.