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c is for cat

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My Friend, the Fire Tamer
c is for cat
So I have this friend, Danielle. She does, well, kind of everything. I look at her with such envy sometimes, that everything she touches seems to turn into something beautiful. For a long while she and her husband Dave ran Jack, an occasional restaurant in Brooklyn, and oh my god, the food. You've never tasted the like. When I'm depressed about my place in life I tend to go cook recipes from her food blog Habeas Brulee until I feel competent again.

She got me into glassblowing back when I lived in Cleveland. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a studio with reasonable rates in Portland, so I gave up glass. But once again, Daniell inspired me--she started taking up lampworking, which is like mini-glassblowing without the blowing part. Making glass beads and sculptures with a home set up that involves a blow torch and some bitchin' purple safety glasses.

Since I'm on an island, and we have to make our own fun, I asked her to teach me when I was in NYC last, and I've just now finished setting up my studio at home. I'm ok at it, since I've handled glass before. I've finally solved my issue with having gotten a bad batch of bead release and am ready to try in earnest.

But you know, what she does? It takes my breath away.

Every time I look at one of her beads I'm filled with longing--and they're beads. I don't usually feel that way about beads. Her work is so exquisite and strange, and I love it.

And she has an Etsy shop, Emblems.

All my friends who make jewelry and use beads, y'all should check her out. And she has some finished necklaces for those who just want to wear something made with fire and glass and passion by an amazing woman.

I hope I can be as cool as she is when I grow up.

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When HB isn't updated in a while, I begin to worry. ^^ I love her voice and enthusiasm the most!

Wow! That is more than just a bead! That's beautiful!

Oh those jellyfish pendants! She makes beautiful beads - made all the moreso I think because of the amount of awesome in such a tiny thing. Wow.

I find it heartening, I think, to hear you, who are so deeply cool, and make such powerfully moving things, say of someone else, "I hope I can be as cool as she is when I grow up." It means I'm not alone in thinking that -- that none of us thinks we are as awesome as we should like to be.

It's so easy for me to forget that others aren't as awesome as they want to be, either, especially being surrounded by awesome people (a situation still infinitely preferable to the alternative). It's so easy to measure myself and find myself wanting, and not remember that the people around me find themselves wanting too.

I need to remember that.

I love lampworking. It is endlessly fascinating to play with the glass and see what I get. I, too, hope to be as cool as your friend, some day.

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