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c is for cat

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SmallCon Is Go
c is for cat
So the Boston Salon thing seems to meet with general approval!

I hearby christen it SmallCon...or TinyCon. What do you guys think?

So I am going to suggest October 2nd as a first try at this. Who could make that? Who could host--or is there a place we could go that's not Diesel (too busy)? I'm open to alternate dates, too.

We could even have a theme if we wanted. That might be too dorky. But I am the kind of dork who would dress up for a book club if I could get away with it, so. What do we want to do for our first meetup?

And to answer a few questions:

1. Yes, you can come if you haven't met me before! I want to meet new people, that's part of what this is about.

2. Yes, if this proves successful, we could try meeting up in Portland, too, and maybe even a New York SmallCon. But I'm willing to be the only one traveling for now.

October 2! Birthday of the best husband in the world --(mine!)

Not real sure at all that I could make that conflict of timing work out, especially with StrowlerCon the very next weekend, but that's okay.

I'm sure I can make it another month.

I was trying to make it work with me going south to nyc that tuesday and then back up for StrowlerCon. I'm amenable to other dates post Sept 22, though.

We'll be in Prague until Oct 8th, then have a wedding in Maine the 9th, but could attend/host after that.

Was thinking about visiting family in NY and attending Albacon the next weekend. But I hope to make the meet-up in November! (Not that November is easier to plan than October!)

I can totally make it! (Though my house couldn't actually host that particular weekend.)

As for a theme, I've been dorkily amused by medieval imagery of alchemy lately. (This illustration made me think of the "biting Sage in the face" story.)

I'm teaching workshops that day and will probably be too exhausted afterwards to even think about going out. Woe!

As I said I'm open to alternate dates!

The 2nd might work for me, depending on how some other half-formed plans end up forming.

I love the name! And I am totally in favor of there being a NYC gathering as well.

Oct 2nd and the last weekend of Sept are both good for me.

At this point, Oct. 2 looks fine, though my schedule is usually not knowable that far in advance - but that also means I can now say, "I have something on Oct 2" if/when something else comes up. (Also, depending on time of day, the Diesel might not be crazybusy. But I'm not wedded to meeting there, either.)

Either end-of-September or Oct. 2nd is good for me, but not Oct. 9-10th. For location...

L'Andana has the advantage of being near the Burlington Marriott, aka, the Readercon site: http://www.landanagrill.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72&Itemid=90

Dandelion Green is also nearby: http://www.dandeliongreen.com/menus.html

Papa Razzi is also near, and has private spaces: http://www.paparazzi-restaurant.com/index.cfm/page/Burlington/pid/10377, or just regular reservations: http://www.paparazzi-restaurant.com/index.cfm?pk=content&cd=LOCATION&pid=10245&cdid=10329

Or there's Dali in Somerville: http://www.dalirestaurant.com/information.html

Or Redbones: http://www.redbones.com/generalinfo.html

You definitely can't have a conversation or more than 4 people sitting in close proximity at Dali or Redbones. Anywhere in Burlington, it should be noted, is T-inaccessible (2+ hours by combinations of buses), so most of the Bostonites wouldn't be able to attend. Not sure about Papa Razzi; I know there's a location in the Back Bay.

(I can't go anyway if it's 10/2 or 9/28, but just for the benefit of those planning on going, these are not places that anything but eating and some shouted conversation can happen in.)

Edited at 2010-08-22 09:10 pm (UTC)

aww, I'll be camping in VT that weekend... if enough people are available to make the 2nd worthwhile, go for it and the rest of us will have to meet up in November :-)

I could do either the last weekend in September and the 2nd of October. I might even be able to host, although I'd need to a) get a feel for how many people the new apartment could comfortably hold and b) check with the fiance to make sure invasion of said apartment is a thumb's up. :)

September 25 (last Saturday in September) or October 2 both work for me. I hope it works out!