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New Community for Etsy Sellers
c is for cat
One of the things to come out of the What Do You Need post is the sheer number of Etsy sellers in my readership who need more customers, more traffic, more visibility, more of many things.

And because the internet is magic and that post is doubly so, there is now a community for you guys, one where you can share tips for photography, traffic increasing techniques, online marketing, and also inspire each other, take part in challenges, and help each other out. this community would also be a great place to shop, I think, and find cool stuff on Etsy.

I am not running this community. I am not an Etsy seller. But I wholeheartedly support the effort, especially because the name they chose makes me tear up.

So go check out cat_scradle and help each other out.

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We will do our best to not let you down.

- Angela aka one of the mods for Cat's Cradle

I adore the name of the community; when I first read it yesterday it gave me pause. A good pause. :)

I'm very excited to see how the community evolves as more members join.

I am not an etsy seller but i am reading the heck out of this community because I LOVE getting new ideas for presents.
My plan for this Christmas is that with one exception, I want all of the christmas presents I give out to be handmade. The one excrption isn't really an exception actually since it's a kit for something that the recipient will put together himself.

It's helping loads already! Thank you for the inception, Cat! :)

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