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I'm going to try to take a little bit of control over my social situation here.

I am 2 hours from Boston. Slightly less, really. Many, many awesome people are in Boston, but we don't go down much because the ferry's hours mean that it's tough to get back in time to get home and not have to get a hotel. Nevertheless.

What if we could make it down once a month? Is there a group of people who would be willing to get together at a restaurant or someone's house, have a salon kind of thing--talk about books, knit, play instruments if we feel like it, not if we don't, maybe read from books we love or just hang out and MST3K poor unsuspecting Terminator movies or something? I'm talking about a monthly playdate for grownups, so that I can see some humans once in awhile and be a little more connected to the world. I've always wanted to have a Round Table--could we make one?

Please comment if you would join in. If you could regularly make such meetings, especially if it was always third Sundays or something like that, would you be willing to host, or do you have ideas for restaurants and cafes we could use? If we missed our ferry departure window, are there folk who would let us crash?

In essence, let's do this thing. What Boston folk are in?

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That is pretty me-centric though and I want it to be something everyone digs.

Then Yuki-Cons it is. :eg:

I'm unclear why you're linking me to this?

(Deleted comment)
Boskone is already a con though! I kind of like SmallCon or TinyCon.

Heh, that deleted message said 'Boscon :-)'

I swear, my fingers are run by poltergeists when I get on LJ. Or maybe I just can't resist pressing shiny red buttons in the shape of crosses...

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