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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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Hierarchy of Needs
c is for cat
The What Do You Need entry is still going strong--and still getting replies, offers of help and advice--at almost 1000 comments. You guys are amazing. Have no doubt I am reading every comment, and offering what I can when I can, making what connections I can. Those of you who needed signal boosting--I'm going to ask you to reply to a second post because I can't keep it all straight with the deluge of comments. I'll then do a round up post so everyone gets linked to.

And you all have been so open and intimate and brave with what you need--I figure I should be brave too. But only at midnight on a Wednesday, when few enough will see.

1. I need local friends. This is really getting to me and making my life hard and I don't know how to fix it--I have exactly one friend in the area and he's busy most of the time. All my friends are distant. Add that to being on an island and it's so isolating, and my spirits get damn low. If anyone in the Portland, Maine area (I include Augusta, Portsmouth, and all points in between in that, and probably Bangor too) is geeky and friendly and wants to hang out, please comment. I do stuff other than write--knit, make glass and collages, play a very halting accordion, sail, grow things in my garden. I'm a neat person, I swear. It's been very hard to meet people and I can't live in a city where I don't know anyone forever. (But please...and this sucks to say, but if you just want to meet me to get writing advice or ask me to look at your manuscript, don't. I want real friendship, not someone who only cares for my connections. Just ask for that stuff here and I'm happy to share when I can.) The addendum to that is that I would love a local role playing group, like I had in Cleveland. But I don't ask for that, just for other humans who live near me.

2. I need more subscribers for the Omikuji Project. We've lost quite a few over the last couple of months and our housemates moved out so our expenses just went up quite a bit. This is a serious commitment for me and it can't survive without people who want to read it.

3. I need you all to know how beautiful and kind and special you all are. To forgive yourself for not being what you want to be yet--none of us are. We are all a work in progress, and we are all at different stages. It's ok. We are all going to be ok. We have each other, our chosen family, our tribe, and we take care of each other the best we can. I need you to keep on keeping on, and keep the faith, and keep each other going. I need you to smile, and know how very many of you there are just on this one single journal who want to help, who want to connect and share their world. I need you to keep that post going, for everyone who needs it, and I need you to never give up. I swear to you, it will all come out all right. We are undestructable, like the song says. Even if it doesn't always feel like it.

I love you, even if I've never met you.

*snugs you tight*

While I continue to be not-local, when we come for christmas, we should totally have an rpg short game. All three of us are players!

If I lived in close enough proximity, I absolutely would come out to meet you & do fun things. I'm sure there are quite a number of us who feel that way!

...if you ever decide to move to the west coast of Canada, consider it a plan! You would be entirely safe, as I haven't a stitch of writing ability in me, just an appreciation for those who *can* write.

Thank you :) I had to cancel my subscription to omikuji a few months ago cause I just started grad school so money is tight right now. I wish I could help out and keep it going. I think I've actually still been getting your stories though. I don't want you to be sending out something you're no longer getting paid for. That's not fair. Just thought I should let you know.

I don't think I can afford a year of Omikuji right now, but I'll gladly throw in for two months. :) That I can handle.

Thank you for doing this!

To forgive yourself for not being what you want to be yet--none of us are.

Thank you. I needed to hear that tonight.

I miss Omikuji; I dropped out only because my job disappeared. If I can ever get employed again (or, y'know, if the paperwork's ever in order to get me to Australia so we can drop the second household) I will be back. I know that doesn't help at all now. :/

I'm not local, but love the couple of times i've been through portland. I'll make a trip up if you're willing to show me around and let me be a geeky tourist.

Sure, just give me plenty of advance notice!

I can't tell you how often I have thought that I really, really wish that we lived closer to each other. I so rarely post comments, but I have laughed and cried over your posts, and my partner has become so accustomed to me reading them aloud to her that she knows the cadence of your voice through mine. So I wish for some kind of space portal, that opens up a channel between your little island and Charleston, SC, because I would love to hang out with you. I know just the kind of lonesomeness for friends of like minds and hearts who are also close by. I hope you find them.


Right back at you, Cat.

I am interested in you for your contacts only on the reasoning that interesting and really cool people would be likely to know other interesting and really cool people.

I wish I had local friends, too. I live in a very rural area on a farm - as isolating in its own way, I think, as an island. I wish I had people to hang out with - people who understand my passion for books and horses and ballet and eclectic music. People who wouldn't judge me to know I'm a witch, who would support my decisions to homeschool without gossiping behind my back. I'm so incredibly grateful for the friends I do have, but they're spread across the country and... sometimes I'm lonely for authentic company. For someone to drink tea with. I wish I could help you with your needs, but for now I'll send hugs and sympathy and warm wishes that your needs are soon fulfilled. <3

YAY! I totally forgot about this and have money again.

Strange how I complain about my local friends and how I sometimes feel like an outsider because I live among Orthodox Jews who tend to be conservative in many areas political and otherwise. Not that I'm ostracized but sometimes my neighborhood feels like high school only instead of football players and cheerleaders, the pecking order rests with the doctors and lawyers (although I AM a business owner) - and any woman who seems to have the same morbid sense of humor or a similar perspective is the kind of woman I fall madly in love with because she is both similar enough and also in that same Orthodox Jewish world and it's harder to fall out of it because I don't believe that I can find other women like her in the herd of "I work for a Jewish non-profit" and "I don't watch movies" women. And how I can feel very lonely in this crowd at times.

And they really should get used to my blue hair by now.

It's odd to think that I do have local friends. Even if I usually only see them on Shabbos, there they are.

Dude, I cannot comprehend the I don't watch movies set.

I've been having some anxiety about friendships, particularly local friendships, lately, so I really needed to hear this. Here's to the hope of sharing a glass in real-time soon, and here's to the joy of virtual glasses in the meantime.

How much extra does it cost to send Omikuji to Canada?

$1 extra a month.

I wish you lived closer!

I found you through the music of SJ Tucker. I heard her sing "Firebird's Child" a little over a year ago and it had a huge impact on me. She explained the origins of the song. So I started reading your books. I even saw you (and Sooj) at Confusion this past year. The combination of your two creative talents is simply amazing.

I met Sooj because of Vixy & Tony, who are equally amazing and wonderfully creative folks. They were special guests at a con where Seanan Maguire was a GOH. Through Seanan, I also met Betsy Tinney, Brooke Lunderville and Amy McNally. I'm looking forward to meeting Alec when Tricky Pixie comes here to Chicagoland this fall.

You and this circle of wonderful creative people have given me hours of enjoyment from the books and music you've created and for that thanks aren't anywhere near enough. But one of the best things from these discoveries is the positive energies that all of you send out to the world in your writings and music. Though separated by miles, there is a true community of the heart.

And for once, I wish I lived on the east coast!

I am so happy to hear all this I can't tell you.