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The Habitation of the Blessed Cover
prester john
It's not Ghost Rider, I swear!

I'm SUPER curious about y'all's reaction to this--do you like it, does it make you want to buy it, is it evocative? Opinion me, O Livejournal!

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It's -- fine. Not terribly exciting, but entirely serviceable.

I want it to be far more Silk Road/Central Asia/Nestorian.

Considering this is a Prester John book.

It feels too European.

The chick is wearing eyeshadow and henna. She has EXOTIC DARK HAIR. Isn't that enough for you?

(... I'm right in thinking you're being sarcastic, yes? *tone filter broken, apparently*)

A whole lot could be fixed by changing the FONT to something Persianate instead of blackletter!

Whoops, yes, forgot to put the sarcasm userpic on.

I tried, yo. No one listens to the author.

I can think of at least one artist who does. ;)

Yes, and you are a saint (obviously that comment was me.) and it doesn't always go that way. I never got to talk to this artist. The publisher made the decisions. What do you think of the cover, though? I value your taste, obviously.

I like the art a lot. I think the design and typography loses some clarity.... With that lengthy a title, the blurb needed to be bumped to the back cover, so that5 more emphasis could be put on your name.

It doesn't 'read' well at a glance or from a distance... and it's a lot of text info that misses the big selling point: "Catherynne Valente".

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