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The Habitation of the Blessed Cover
prester john
It's not Ghost Rider, I swear!

I'm SUPER curious about y'all's reaction to this--do you like it, does it make you want to buy it, is it evocative? Opinion me, O Livejournal!

Why is nobody's head on fire?!

Sorry. They can't all be ghost riders.

That giant "B" overwhelms pretty much everything else. Another font choice to get the title under control would be a good idea. Then your author name might actually stand out a bit, as would the actual art.

Right now, it's looks really "small press"—like a fanmade reprint of some book from fifty years ago.

I think it's pretty, but I doubt it would make me want to buy the book if I didn't already (which I do!). It's a relatively generic fantasy-looking cover of a particular trope (the medieval scholarly look), and it indicates being specifically a Prester John interpretation in words smaller than I might notice on a casual glance in a bookstore, especially if they aren't on the side cover, which is usually what's seen if you don't pull the book off the shelf. I'd pick up something I recognized as being a version of that story; Prester John interests me. But this doesn't tell me so in loud enough ways to get past my usual attention filters, and if I didn't spot that, I'd just think "ooh, pretty cover art," and move along.

This is more or less what I felt as well. Regardless of the cover I am going to buy it. Cat + Prester John = two ares of my life converging into awesome.

Yes. I like the art work and the font for the title. It would catch my eye at least long enough to read the back blurb.

Gosh, it's GOOD-LOOKIN'! It would certainly make me read the back. That and the words "Prester John" in the title. Aside from, you know, the author's name. Speaking PERFECTLY OBJECTIVELY, you see.

The art is beautiful, but I do have to stare at the title font a second too long to read it. I'm disappointed in the lack of flaming skulls, though.

I like it, but my biggest impression is that it really makes me want cover art that's somehow made in the style of an illuminated manuscript.

Yeah that's what I was hoping for too. No dice.

Your name's not big enough, and that's about the least legible blackletter font I've ever seen. But I do like the big glowy book!

I like it. Yes, I'd pick it up to see more.

*blink* Charles Vess?

Edited at 2010-08-18 06:05 pm (UTC)

Or... wait, Kaluta? Has elements of both, I think.

What is wrong with his hands? The artist needs to learn a few things about perspective.

Are those wings behind his head? Or a glowing blonde wig?

I am, I confess, not enthused.

I mentioned the hands. I was not listened to. I'm trying to see the good in it.

It's -- fine. Not terribly exciting, but entirely serviceable.

I want it to be far more Silk Road/Central Asia/Nestorian.

Considering this is a Prester John book.

It feels too European.

The chick is wearing eyeshadow and henna. She has EXOTIC DARK HAIR. Isn't that enough for you?



Why is there a Ghost Rider cover there???

The cover seems cluttered, to me. I think there's honestly too many words - your name isn't something short and quick, like, oh, Tim Pratt for example, and then a three part title that leaves me wondering which part I should focus on, and then a blurb? 'Volume One' seems lost, 'The Habitation of the' out of proportion, and I'm wondering why Habitation and Blessed get special font when the other bits of the title don't. I want your name in gold, and the background of 'Dirge ...' to be the same red from the book.

It all needs streamlining and cohesiveness. I would completely be okay with the picture being dropped a half inch so it's not crowding the titling so much, and your name being emphasized more. Also, a one line blurb, not a three liner. I know blurbs are important, I guess, I've never paid attention to them, but it's just too much.

My final impression is that it looks like YA for boys.

You know, it just occurred to me I read it was YA because there's so much detail and embellishment in the art. Adults' books tend to have one image, one focal point, perhaps even no image at all, unless it's an all-over print. Kids books are all, "How much awesomeness can we cram into this cover?" See: Spiderwick chronicles.