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Letters from Proxima Thule

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What do you need?
urban anchorite
So shadesong  did this post a little while ago, and I've seen a couple others mirror it, as viralness in the name of the public good is always worthy. I want to do the same, since, well, there are kind of a lot of you out there reading this.

So, please do not be shy. You rarely get what you need without asking for it.

What do you need?

Not "What do you want?" Which is an entirely different question. But what do you need? Are you looking for an apartment, a job, a ride to somewhere, assistance with something? Comment here, and maybe I or one of my readers can help you! The internet makes miracles, we all know it. Read the comments, and see if there's something you can offer.

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A friend of mine works for a staffing firm. Would you be interested in being a temp? I doubt it'll allow you to pay NYC-level bills and save though.

I need a mattress. Full size. My current mattress is killing my back and neck :(

Bizarrely, there are a bunch of mattresses in the attic of this house. But I don't think I could get one to you. :(

Two Things: One for me, one for a friend

I need help for my friend Mandi, who has several massive autoimmune disorders and will soon be hospitalized for an extended stay to monitor her symptoms. The help she needs is for a litter of kittens. She graciously took in a stray pregnant kitten, who gave birth to four kits, three males and a female. Mandi has been the primary caregiver while her husband works long hours. As of October 19th, Mandi will begin her hospital stay, and if she can't find people to take the kittens, she and her husband may have to take them to a shelter, which would break her heart. Mandi and her husband already have two adult cats and don't have room for more right now.
They live in Westminster, MD.
These photos were taken in July, about a week or two after the litter was born. The kittens are now two months old. All five of them (this includes the young mother kitten) need permanent homes.
Mandi can be contacted through her profile as well as that post. Again: Westminster, MD. Near Baltimore/Towson.

I too, need something: I need a job. I live in Gaithersburg, MD. I am legally disabled and am in the DC Metro area's Metro Access program. I have worked in downtown DC, so as long as I can get to a job via bus or metro, I'm good. I worked for six years in a law firm library, then seven months in another law firm library. Before all that, I did various administrative jobs. I have a BA in Creative Writing.

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Re: Two Things: One for me, one for a friend

We don't have anything in our database right now except one position which requires some heavy lifting of boxes as part of the position (not a good choice). I wrote you name down and I"ll keep my eyes open.

We have 2 offices - one on Key West Ave (Metro bus stop right in front) and another right near Farragut North.

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(Deleted comment)
Personal advice, especially if you've sought medical treatment (as opposed to self-treatment) for dysthymia.

Well, I'm here. I haven't sought medical treatment, though.

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I need pledges for "Team Caitlin," my Wheel-A-Thon team, to support a local organization that helps people with disabilities live more independent lives. They have supported us by providing youth advocates for Caitlin when working with our school district.


I was laid off of my job recently and am a single mother.
I get no child support. I need a miracle I do not know
how I am going to pay the rent or by groceries this coming month.
I need a job and money. A job that paid decently where I live
would be wonderful! ( Corn belt in Illinois) Safe paths to you all.

Re: What is needed is....

I'm a single mom in IL and I can help you navigate the system and give you advice on finding assistance. Apply for food stamps, sec. 8 and medicaid *now* and email me at bifemmefatale at livejournal with your location and such and I'll help as best I can.

I need bookkeeping work, either telecommuting or part time in Columbia, SC. I also need someone to move into my Atlanta house who can pay rent and utilities, or get the place off my hands.

Are you an accountant or just a freelance bookkeeping type? Do you have a resume?

I need titling and registration for my car here in ATL. It didn't get done in the 30-day period when it got here, and now it's a year later, other registration & inspection is way expired, and I shudder to think how much it'll cost us now. (We could save up to pay, except we've also got my husband's IRS bill to worry about, my tuition, books & supplies to worry about, possible maintenance needed on the car to be concerned about, and so on.) However, I am also very very very worried about us getting pulled over and in trouble over the lack.

Do you know for sure that you need emissions inspections? It depends on your county and how old your car is. Go throw yourself on the mercy of your local DMV office. If necessary, play dumb. (But don't drive the car there). I have found the Driver Services employees in Georgia surprisingly helpful.

My wife suffers from crippling anxiety and has to work for a hateful job that treats her like dogshit because we have 15K in debt. I'm selling almost everything I own and doing a major project called "1000 Glamourkins," in which I make one thousand pendants and sell them for $15 each over the span of ten months (100 pendants a month). I love her more than life itself, and my only wish in the entire world is to save her from the daily torture she undergoes (if we got rid of the debt, she could quit). I've felt so powerless for so long, and I don't feel powerless anymore.

I'm doing my first posting of 100 Glamourkins in the project on the 30th of August. I would love if even more people knew about it. :)

I have one of yours, I think! With pumpkins on it! I'll do a post with the things people need linking to when this is done, and I'm definitely interested.

(Deleted comment)
Your Name Here (Anonymous) Expand
Your Name Here (Anonymous) Expand
I desperately need a job in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia or a telecommuting job. I am in Waynesboro but have the ability to go as far as an hour in any direction. I have a solid work history and would not turn down work from home. I can do phone support, customer service, inventory work, clerical work, and some small web design.

If possible I'd love a chance to get in doing the web design as I have been trying to get a break in it for yeas.

I need a full-time job, preferably as a copy editor/proofreader/fact checker or some combination thereof (if it's in book publishing, production editor would work too), in Manhattan or Brooklyn (work from home's okay too, but I prefer an office environment). I have a BA in English from the University of Michigan, an MLS from Queens College, and 3.5 years of professional copyediting/proofreading/fact checking experience, 3 of that in Big 6 children's publishing.

The MLS also makes librarian or institutional marketing jobs a possibility, so leads on those would be great too.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Suggestions for jobs for someone with fibromyalgia and mild-moderate social anxiety, a degree in Linguistics and minimal other job experience.

Also, a couple of art commissions starting the second week of September. Ideally vaguely fantastic portrait-type things (I enjoy drawing RPG characters, for example), but I'll try almost anything that's not robots, buildings, or cars. (for examples, see http://windbourne.deviantart.com)

If you can figure out a marketable thing and find said market, self-employment can be a really good thing when you're living with chronic illness. I have pretty severe fibromyalgia and even part-time jobs were hell on me. I quit my job five years ago to be a full-time artist, and I'm now able to work 40 - 50 hours a week and make a decent income because I have the flexibility I need to juggle self-care and a heavy workload.

That said, I had a couple of incredibly lucky breaks early on, and being self-employed can be ridiculously stressful. And I haven't had a vacation in years and often end up working nights and weekends to make up for the fact that I slept for five hours in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. But it's still a hell of a lot better than anything I did previously.

My heart always warms when you speak of internet miracles, because I, too, know the power of them. When my premature sister was transported to a hospital two hours away and we could only see her once a week, the internet visited her for us and sent pictures and videos back to my worried mother. (My baby sister is now three and a half, and a spitfire bookworm-in-the-making second edition of me, and obscenely healthy.) That was, of course, in addition to countless books, grocery store gift cards, hand-me-down clothes, and such in my family's times of poverty, moving help, and much-needed companionship for my mother and me when we were incredibly lonely, isolated, and depressed. Every time you post one of your magical internet stories, I am reminded of my tribe and my mother's tribe and the beautiful things that are possible.

Me, what I need? Mostly just courage, to contact my father's cousins outside of Boston to see if their old offer to let me come stay with them still stands, as I am miserable in my small town and college didn't work out this year and there are no jobs and I need to go find some wings and see if I can get into a school next semester, or spend the year working and garnering credits so as to get in next fall. (A sensible plan absolutely guaranteed to work would be nice, too! Perhaps I can get one off eBay, but as with most spells there would likely be an awkward catch.) Also I could really use some kind of force-field, as I have to give my cat a flea bath. :P

Luck and good thoughts to you! Go contact them today -- if it doesn't work out, you're no worse off, but if it does, you can start running forward for takeoff now.

>_< What I need, I don't think anyone can give me--namely, a lot more discipline and willpower so I don't keep avoiding stuff I need to do. Also a way to stay on top of things so the coming semester isn't as bad as the last...several.

In the near future I am going to need a reasonably cheap, pet-friendly apartment, though...which, given that I live in Anchorage, Alaska, could be hard to find. Or a cheap, discreet hit man. Either one. (KIDDING. Mostly.)

Aw, man, I know people in Fairbanks, but not Anchorage. :(

(Deleted comment)

I realize this isn't what you meant.

I need every person to forgive themselves for one thing they're berating themselves for. Today. Just one. If you can only manage five minutes of forgive, that's plenty.

This will result in an overall lightening of the planetary atmosphere. And, baby, I NEED that.

Re: I realize this isn't what you meant.

It is ok that I am not the best, not world-class, not high-powered, not high-earning, not ambitious, not recognized, not superlative anything. I am a useful person and a force for good the way I am.

I will keep reminding myself of this.

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