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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Listen! (/Ocarina of Time)
It's the day you didn't know you were waiting for.

Palimpsest is out on audiobook!

This is my first audiobook and I'm so excited--I've been waiting for ages to have my work available in this format. I hope you all like it and tell your friends--the better it does the more likely I am to be able to sell audiobooks in the future. I'd love to her what you think of the recording, too, since it's not me reading it. Other people performing my books is always so awesome!

Also, eee!

And lastly, well....happy birthday, Ray Bradbury.

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I've always enjoyed doing readings and performing other people's writing...I've been doing readings of Sherlock Holmes all summer and it's just gotten me back into really wanting to record audiobooks and radio plays. I can't even imagine what it's like to hear your words spoken by someone else, though...

Congrats! And that video link is hilarious! Here's my favorite comment there so far: "Please don't fuck Ray Bradbury. He turns 90 in 5 days... you'd kill him!" LOL

Hee... Navi Voice!

(Also, mmm. Sultry Palimpsest Audio.)

Yay! I'm glad someone got it.

My SO was playing "Ocarina of time" as I was reading your post, so I had the sound effects in stereo - from outside and in my own head. Really. :-)

I should actually leave you a review on amazon. But I love Palimpsest. Very, very much. I read through each chapter slowly, because the words are like sipping a fine wine. If you gulp, you miss something.

The passage about the trains in the beginning is probably one of the most beautiful things that I have ever read.

Thank you for writing. :) I'll be getting more of your work in the future.

Thank you so, so much for saying that.

I had to. There's something very magical about trains. I could go on and on about your book, but that particular one stuck in my mind. <3


My audible subscription renewed today.
Clearly, Kismet.

Woot! Now I know what I'm spending my random $20 at audible on. :)

I bought it from Audible pretty much the minute it appeared there--I'd been waiting. It's next on my list to listen to. I've heard other work by your reader and she's excellent. Very much looking forward to hearing it!

I can't wait to buy it. I use palimpsest as my bible on really hard days and to be able to listen to it...ahhh it's bliss.

wow, I'm honored to hear that.

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