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So, we're liveblogging My Dinner with Andre--me, tithenai , sevenravens , justbeast , and emilyjiang_rss .

I cooked dinner--salad from our garden with hot raisin-pistachio dressing, lobster bisque, hot bread, blueberry mead, and we are eating along with the guys onscreen and everyone has the power of the pause button to stop and talk the movie out.

So far, the girls are not impressed with Andre Gregory, who reminds us all of That Guy at a con who corners you to tell you what a genius he is, but he's an important dude so you have to listen and CAN'T LEAVE. I find it amazing that this room is full of people actively involved in performance and art and writing and theatre and we are all like YOU GAVE A TEDDY BEAR SUCK AT YOUR BREAST? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT? GOD.

But though it is clear that these guys are not going to be fans of this film, what I find extraordinary is this group of amazing women sitting and talking in my house, their bellies full of food I grew and cooked, and having this conversation around the movie which is all I've ever really wanted from life, to talk in this way with beautiful people who I love and no one wants to turn on basketball instead, but wants to connect and find something true in everything, even this old playwright talking about teddy bears.

I am glad for us, and who we are, and that we are together. All the other times I watched this movie, I longed for the life I have now.
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