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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Let's Play a Game
So I have a ton of contributor copies laying around the house. Of lots of things--Chicks Dig Time Lords, Realms, The Omikuji Anthology, Dark Faith...just lots and lots of stuff.

And I have this giant D20.

And I have a con this weekend.

How shall we put these things together? I know! Treasure Table!

Here's how it's going to work. Come up to me at Readercon and ask to roll the d20. It is big and blue and fun to roll. You will get a prize, no matter what you roll, but as it's a Treasure Table, the prizes depend on your skill with the die.

Roll a natural 20: your choice of any of the novels I have with me--Orphan's Tales, Palimpsest, Under In the Mere, The Grass-Cutting Sword.

Roll 14-19: your choice of any of my contributor copies of various anthologies.

Roll 9-13: a jar of my homemade cherry-maple whiskey jam. (I may run out of these

Roll 5-9: your choice of a Palimpsest temporary tattoo or a free email of next month's Omikuji story.

Roll 1-3: your choice of either a hug or me drawing something pretty on your person.

You may take a +1 or -1 of your choice if you bring one of my books to be signed. (But at novel-winning 20 has to be a natural 20.)

justbeast  will be wheeling about a very pretty and sparkly cart full of these prizes--don't be shy, I want the cart to be empty when we go home! (If you have alternate suggestions for prizes--things you would prefer instead--I'll take ideas in the comments.)

...cherry-maple whiskey jam?!

I would consider coming to the con just for a shot at that. O_o

I only have like 5 jars of that, so get me early!

Yay! Treasure! See you there. <3

I think I'm physically hurting from not being able to make Readercon now.

My my. That's a little... frivolous for ReaderCon, isn't it? Why, a sparkly cart is just shy of a costume, and we can't have any such levity at such a serious, important convention.

How about find you later with the other authors at the watering hole and bend your ear while buying adult beverages?


Me me me I want to play ME!

I wonder if people will walk up asking to roll their own dice... *grins*

I considered having a + or - 1 one of your choice if you bring one of my books to be signed.

I won't be there, but I wanted to say this is an awesome idea. :-)

Edited at 2010-07-07 08:14 pm (UTC)

That is so flipping awesome.

I officially am now sorry that I couldn't make readercon this year. I totally would have tried for one of those jams.

Oh that is the coolest thing ever. It makes me sad that I am not going to this con!

I love this idea, although I will be far, far away from Readercon. Maybe next time I see you, I will bring along a die to roll for extra hugs!

Wish I could go to readercon. :( Sounds like an awesome idea, though. :)

Ooh, I rolled a 1! If I could be there I would choose a pretty drawing, though I don't know what your art is like. Or maybe a hug, if I can stick an arm out to take an awkward photo.

Oh, if I had hypothetically brought a book and chose a -1, what would my adjusted zero get me?

A monkey joke? I have a good one.