Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

The Internet is a Terrifying Wish Engine

And 24 hours later, I have an accordion.

rialian  and lyssabard , who are amazing, have granted me a rather fey accordion, black and silver and lovely, which appeared in their house some time ago without warning or reason (seriously) and clearly was sent by the fairies to make a New England writerlady happy.

Not only that, but there are at least eight avid accordion players on my island.

On my single tiny island.

Seven of them? Are an accordion orchestra. One of them? Has a number in her name like a crazy William Gibson heroine.

I feel the rub of destiny here, guys. I've emailed the Gibsonetta and hope that she will give me lessons.

Truly, one way or another, my island contains everything I need, if I just look hard enough.

This will teach me to confess my secret desires to the internet. It seems to me that, as in The Little Prince, the internet will give you what you ask for, if not always in the way you imagined. But you must be a reasonable monarch, and only ask for strange things--after all, the internet is a strange place.

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