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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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The Internet is a Terrifying Wish Engine
Green Wind
And 24 hours later, I have an accordion.

rialian  and lyssabard , who are amazing, have granted me a rather fey accordion, black and silver and lovely, which appeared in their house some time ago without warning or reason (seriously) and clearly was sent by the fairies to make a New England writerlady happy.

Not only that, but there are at least eight avid accordion players on my island.

On my single tiny island.

Seven of them? Are an accordion orchestra. One of them? Has a number in her name like a crazy William Gibson heroine.

I feel the rub of destiny here, guys. I've emailed the Gibsonetta and hope that she will give me lessons.

Truly, one way or another, my island contains everything I need, if I just look hard enough.

This will teach me to confess my secret desires to the internet. It seems to me that, as in The Little Prince, the internet will give you what you ask for, if not always in the way you imagined. But you must be a reasonable monarch, and only ask for strange things--after all, the internet is a strange place.

I offer my LJ post from a while back, "Reflections on the Internet as a Type of Fairy Mirror"


That is a post of sheer awesome.

===(laughter) story of the accordion will be to you by early next week( I am actually just about to be mostly offnet for a few days for my camping event) , but I will note that lyssabard lives in another home...she and her crew just happen to be about a fair bit, and had the accordion in their home for a bit,before it returnd to me.

Yes, I was about to clarify. It first appeared at Ri's house. Enamored, I begged to take it home, but our relationship, while lovely, was not to be. So, back to Ri it went.
But it is an awesome faerie accordion.

And Ri, I want to explore the closet/attic space in your house someday so that maybe I can spend some time in Faerie for a while. *grin* Surely the door is not one way only?

Oh my... wow! An accordion and a Gibsonian accordion player.

Maybe you could join that orchestra once you learn a bit!

Maybe! I mean, I just hope I become ANY good at it. Le Valse d'Amelie is my goal song.


If you ever end up in the DC area, let me know beforehand. I have a college friend of mine who lives in Northern VA and is an avid accordion player; he would probably love to get together and jam with you. I'll put you two in contact if you're interested.

Well, I don't think I can hear your practice sessions from this distance . . .

(Beginner practice on just about any instrument can be an instrument of torture, to the innocent bystander.)

Oh I know. I warned my husband already.

*awesome*. The internets are cool :D

That's awesome, Cat. I'm glad your wish is coming true.

I have also always harbored a yen to learn the accordion, but don't tell the internets that!


I once asked the internet if it had heard of "mare's eggs" a type of odd giant algae that forms big round green balls underwater. Google had never heard of them at the time. This was a seriously obscure thing.

My readers turned out to include someone who raised them and somebody who'd done their thesis on 'em. I'm still amazed by that one...

What amazes me is that this is an island of 800 people. More in the summer, yes, but to find such a concentration of players of the very thing I've longed for is amazing to me.

I love it when this kind of thing happenes. A while ago I made a post on my LJ which included musings about the equipment I was planning on purchasing for my swordfighting class and out of nowhere a woman from halfway across the continent asked me for my address so she could send me her unused fencing gear from years ago. And I hadn't even asked!

Now that's just pure magic. :)

wow that is amazing! you have to post pictures, maybe even a video of you playing when you get a song down. so cool!

Maybe you have a wishing well under your house? Or your island is a secret conspiracy? The accordion-orchestra seems like something out of a story.

Brilliant! And, indeed, be careful what you wish for as you just might get it. [grin]

That now makes the third person I know with a number in their name. (I know many, many more with numbers in their handles.)

You know you are awesome when...

Synchronicity. :)

I've always loved accordions and ended up buying a ratty old toy accordion many years ago. I learned all the basic notes and played it a bit, but the harness is too small for me and it's in need of repair.

The fact that your island has an accordion orchestra is marvelously mind-boggling.