Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

The Things I Think About At 4 AM

For awhile now, I have had a secret desire. I have no idea how to go about satisfying it.

I...kind of seriously sort of want to learn to play the accordion.

I think that nothing is more beautiful than sad accordion music. I know this is not a popular opinion. But I love it. I hardly ever hear it, unlike many sorts of music I hear every day. I can play the piano a little already. I learn skills fast.

But it's an expensive instrument, you know? (But so gorgeous. There are accordions on ebay that look like jewels.) And I'm sensitive to buying instruments and letting them collect dust, having dated too many wannabes for comfort, and having myself a piano that is out of tune from the move. I have no idea if I would have any facility at all with it. Or where to buy one. Or get music. Probably the internet, yes. But where on earth could I find a teacher in Maine--I mean, if there is one in Maine they're probably in Portland, so there's that. But still. I suspect I would be mostly on my own with internet and YouTube lessons. Can I learn an instrument that way? Would I get impatient and give up?

I don't know. But I still really want to do it. I mean, the best thing would be to be able to borrow or rent one for a month and see if I could make any headway. But I don't think there's a lot of Rent-An-Accordion places around, even though I know it's possible to rent instruments.

It is probably unfeasible at this point in my life. I hate the idea of future me just giving up on it--I've done it before with other hobbies. But I learned pretty well how to knit, so maybe I'm better with that now.

But in my dreams I play a beautiful accordion under the stars.

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