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Last week, I won the Lambda Award.


I'm so thrilled and honored to have been recognized in that way--it was important to me that Palimpsest be full of bisexual characters who were not punished or killed for it, who were not freaks or invisible. Like the Tiptree and The Orphan's Tales, it feels amazing to be honored by the community the book hoped to honor. It means I did something right. (Incidentally, it seems that the only other time a Lambda nominee has been up for the Hugo (reminder: voting ends July 3) was China Mountain Zhang, by Maureen McHugh, which is not only one of my favorite books and writers, but kind of funny, as Maureen joked when I won the Tiptree--which she also won for CMZ--that I would follow her career path: next stop Hugo.)

And I got to stand next to Samuel R. Delany while waiting to go into the theater. My little fan heart fluttered.

I'm back to work in many ways today, but my week in NYC and BEA and the Lambdas was wonderful, I met lots of new, fantastic people and reconnected with old friends. I also had great cocktails, and this is what a trip to the city should be.

Other awesomeness!

Among other things, today is the launch of Lightspeed Magazine, a new SF publication (I'll be in the August issue with a story called How to Become a Mars Overlord).

It's also my first official day as editor of Apex Magazine. Fiction and poetry. So please to be sending me your stories and poems. We're open to dark fantasy as well as SF and horror now, so don't be shy. I'll be blogging about the sure-to-come lessons of being on the editing side of the fence, and I'm looking forward to my first issue in August!

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Thumbs way, way, WAY up.

I may be submitting some stuff to Apex in the near future. I hope I pass the audition. :D

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