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c is for cat

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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Green Wind
Well, we knew this would come sooner or later, but it's coming now, so I'm letting everyone know.

As of the end of today, part of Fairyland will come off the website.

This is part of selling the book to a big publisher--they don't want spoilers easily had before the book comes out, and they feel as it's been up for almost a year, it's had all the mileage it's going to online. I hope you all aren't too upset by this. The exchange is that part of it will stay up and part of the sequel will go up as well.

It's been an amazing ride, and really, it's just beginning. The Feiwel edition will have illustrations and be gorgeous, and there will be a new website and even more web content than you can imagine at this moment--but for right now, the last act will wave a fond farewell. I held on til after the Norton, but in the end I understand the choice and will close the curtain so as to open it anew with even more awesomeness.

Right now, the print edition looks like it's coming out in May 2011. I know I can't wait.

Thank you to everyone who read, linked, donated, and supported the project. You are the heart of Fairyland.

I can't wait either. I'm going to be buying two copies, one for each of my girls. That's how much it means to me. So whenever they say something is too hard or they feel that the world is too mean, I can pull it off the shelf and say, "This book came in to being because a girl named Cat needed help. Don't lose heart, my darling. There's a Green Wind for all of us."

So so so happy for you.

I think it's the right move, really -- and everything that goes on the site AFTERwards will be a testament to just how well print and electronic content can play with each other.

This. I will be buying at least two copies, one for myself and one for the Not-So-Wee Miss R whom you met at your birthday party at stealthcello's house last year.

Thank you for the wonderful story. Following September got me through a dark and rough time and I held out each week to hear just a little more, to lose my own heart to the story.
It was wonderful and I am glad it was properly recognized.

I can't wait for the print edition!

Oops - my daughter has been wanting to read it since a little girl was dressed up as September at Penguicon, and I've been lax at getting her the link. I guess I'll just have to surprise her with a print copy next year. :)

My goddaughters will be 10 and 6 by then, so that's just fine with me.

I donated at the end of the story, and I plan to arrange to buy at least one print copy, and I think this is very fair. Thank you for this story, and congrats on your well-deserved award.

Been meaning to finish reading, as life got in the way :-( However, I think an illustrated print version will be worth waiting on :-)

Oh. If the print-version ending is substantially changed from the online one, will you put the online version of it back up eventually? Or will the original online version be taken down for good once the book comes out?

Even if not, wheee illustrated and on dead trees! Do you know (or are allowed to say) who's illustrating it?

I don't know who's illustrating it but the ending is the same. There are no substantive changes from the online version in the final. September is 12 instead of 11. That's about it.

I'm surprised and glad that you were able to sell them on it with more than a teaser up.

I think the lack of notice was deeply shabby.

Imagine, if you will, sitting in a library and curling up with a book. Imagine enjoying it, deeply. Imagine falling in love with the characters, the setting, the rich texture of the writing. We've all done that.

Imagine that you send text messages to your friends and family, suggesting that they too get this bookout, and speaking of its delights.

Imagine that just as you get to the "best bit", the librarian reaches over, and tears out all the subsequent pages.

Might you feel upset? Might you object?

"It's not your book, it's the library's book," the Librarian says. "You are in no position to object. You didn't even pay for it. If you want your friends to have a copy, they can go buy it themselves. You knew I was going to do this sooner or later... don't claim you didn't, I've had a notice pinned to the noticeboard in the basement for six hours now."

The ending was there when I started reading, this morning. It was there when I stopped reading to post to FaceBook about the awesomeness of a self-published, freely available book winning such accolades, and suggest to family and friends that they read it too.

But it was gone when I got to it. And though I've posted a belated warning to FaceBook, I regret that some of my friends will have started to read it too, and will find themselves as rudely slapped in the face as I was.

It's sad, and I feel it to be short-sighted to withdraw your support from this publishing model just before it would've reaped you a fair number more donations from the Nebulas, but it's your right as author and copyright holder to do that, now you've gained enough coverage as "that awesome freely-available book" that you don't need to ride on the coat-tails of free publishing any more, and can abandon them.

So, thanks for the truly delightful and beautifully-written half-story, and thanks for at least briefly supporting open publishing.

But I do hope you've sent a digital copy of the book to all those who donated, since you were asking the perceived purchase value of a story being marketed as "freely available", not the value of a brief rental of it.

I do hope you also intend to fix everywhere that it still claims that it's fully available, so nobody continues to get their faces slapped (eg /novels/ still says "The crowdfunded phenomenon is completely available online," and I'm there are likely others).

I do apologize. I was asked to take it down repeatedly before now--and asked to take the entire book down, which I have fought not to do--and held off until today, at which point it was made pretty clear it needed to happen now. If you contact me privately I would be happy to send you a document with the ending intact.

(Deleted comment)
I am fine with it being taken down, because as lovely as it is. I just could not face the idea of reading a story this long on the screen. I shall look forward to reading the paper edition.

Will there be an official ebook version?

I would buy that.

Indeed there will! And an audiobook!

Yay for hardcopy. I discovered I can't read books online with Fairyland, so I look forward to May 2011.

Also, why would the girl's age be changed? Is there some magic publishing difference between 11 and 12?

Good thing to know, I'll make sure to mention that when I link to FL. I figured it wouldn't all be up online with the print version in the works. I can't wait to buy my own copy when it is out and probably one for my friend who's daughter will be 1 in September (she can always read it to her girl - and have on hand for when she's older. Heck I want to had kids some day and am already thinking about starting a collection of children's books).

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!