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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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More Fun with October Macros
c is for cat
October has been made of photogenic awesome lately.

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I think I'm going to die from teh cute. Kitteh!

These are both awesome - and she's so pretty!

Do you dare touch her belly? It looks SO soft.

My own 'Coon mixes (Isis and Anubis-don't ask, he was more dog than cat) are completely anti-belly. :(

And you have time for a life, with all the fur combing I'll be that belly needs?

What a great kitty!

Can I suggest for alternate to bottom picture?


I MUST tweet this...

I love it when I catch them making ridiculous faces.

She is so gorgeous. And just a mass of floof from her elbows to her knees. She's just a baby, too. She won't achieve full floof mass for quite some time. <3

I know! Six months this week and already hyooge.

October has serious teef. Defintely no sparkel. I kind of want to fluff up her tummmy.

Oh, you're so right. These are hilarious.

That's no cat, that's a battle station. A giant, cute, fuzzy battle station.

*squee* Look at that belllay!! *smooshes face into it*

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