Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Stuffy Manticore

So seanan_mcguire  gave me my birthday present yesterday.

We talk a lot, that girl and I. And sometimes we talk about our obsessions and our childhoods, and how sometimes, at heart, we are six, and you can't crush that six year old in there, and sometimes, god dammit, she wants armored My Little Ponies and Disney powers.

We talk a lot. Is good talking.

And last night she gave me this.

Yes, that is six-year-old me with a stuffy manticore.

Dude, I shrieked and grinned so wide when I grokked what it was! (A very accurate representation of how I talked and saw the world at age six, weirdly enough, because Seanan is Magic.) I've never been a comic grrl/cartoon before! It's what every kid wants! I'm still kind of grinny about it. And you know, I feel a bit loved. That is pretty much the perfect present alchemy, really. And *shriek* I'm a cartoon!

You know, I am so grateful for the miracle of timelines that has brought Seanan into my life, made her a near daily part of my world, made her my cat-sister (our cats are sisters) and my fellow schemer.

Everyone needs friends they can be six with.

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