Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Graveyard Shift at the Orchid Station

Over the weekend, I also finished knitting my first shawl. It was an awesome experience--I have discovered I find cables slightly tedious, but will knit lace all day long.

I did have to rip out four rows of about 600 stitches each, which was heartbreaking, but a good lesson. It's very inadvisable to make mistakes when you're working with so many stitches, but even worse to think you can fix them as you go until it's all a big mess.

But! It is done! It is blocked! I desperately need a blocking table, as there is nowhere in the house to block things. Also October cannot leave blocking knitting alone--she actually started delicately picking out stitches with her teeth. Kitty! Don't be the devil!

It took me about two weeks total, during which time I re-watched the whole of Lost, wrote three short stories, finished up my short story collection, witnessed spring arriving, and got nominated for a Hugo. Much joy is knotted into this scarf. It's also easily the biggest and hardest thing I've done so far, so I am most puffed up and pleased.

But it gets its title from Lost, my beloved show. I decided to call it Graveyard Shift at the Orchid Station, because I like the idea of some Dharma guy knitting away the hours. And it's a beautiful deep red-violet orchid colored yarn I got at the Freeport knitting spa (massage therapists and yarn spinners for the win.) Superwash merino, sock weight.


Tags: knitting

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